Written by Ian Westermann
Pro Footage Videos — 25 January 2013
Andy Murray Forehand and Backhand in Slow Motion

Think Andy Murray can defeat Novak in the Aussie Open Men’s final? Tell me why or why not in the comments below!

Here’s a brand new video of Novak hitting his forehand in slow motion:

Novak Djokovic Forehand in Slow Motion – Click Here!

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  1. In your email, you 'don't have faith that Murray can rise to the occasion' in a big slam final.

    If he's shown us anything in the last 6 months it is that he can definitely rise to the occasion. Winning the 5th set in the US Open final after losing a 2 set lead showed guts, as did winning the 5th set in the semi here against Roger having lost the 4th set in the way he did. Add to that the Olympic final, where he demolished Federer, he can certainly handle the big occasion now.

    I still think Djokovic is probably favourite, but it's too close to call and probably comes down to who serves best on the day as both guys have big return games.

  2. In this video Murray seems a littlebit weak. The video of Djokovic shows a very strong player. If you would have chosen other scenes maybe I would have another opinion.

  3. I predict that Murray will start cramping up in the 4th set.

    Novak wins it in 5.

  4. I think Murray will win but in 4 sets. Murray has a lot of momentum coming from the Gold medal finish in London and defeating Novak at the US Open. His fitness is top notch, if he can take control of the point early he should do well.

    • I this he's definitely got a good shot….but Novak is still my pick. Hopefully it's an amazing match!

      • I think Murray has the edge on serves and return of serves. He should be confident coming off the 5 set match against Roger. I think Djokovic will win more of the long rallies, especially if he can push Murray far right. Murray has a great back-hand down the line. Djokovic might be more injury prone which could change the tone of the match at any point.

        Your free video on serving really opened my eyes. I was doing almost everything important wrong. I hope to work what I saw in soon. Thanks!

        (And go Bryan Bros!)

        • You're welcome, Fred. Glad you enjoyed the videos!