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Podcast #162: Will Hamilton of FYB

Listen as Will and Ian discuss four big concepts that are vital to winning at tennis, all having to do with your strategy and tactics. Make sure to sign up for the completely free strategy course that Fuzzy Yellow Balls is making available until this Wednesday only! You can sign up with your e-mail address

Podcast #157: 3 Simple Singles Necessities

Two great singles tactics questions occupy today’s episode of the podcast! First off I discuss what tactics patterns, and strategies are most essential when it comes to being successful in singles competition. Secondly I talk about how to approach a match tactically against a player who is obviously much stronger and you. What can you

Podcast #142: Learn what is most important to putting together a winning strategy both in singles and doubles play!

Stroke technique is only part of winning a tennis match. Being mentally tough and putting together a winning game plan are completely separate and even more important than technique a large percentage of the time. Today Ian talks about what is most important tactically to winning both singles and doubles matches. Start winning more matches

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