Tennis Parenting

Tennis Parenting Keys – Podcast #224

Tennis Parenting expert Frank Giampaolo is back on this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast to share his expertise on this delicate topic. Even if you don't have children I strongly encourage you to listen to the instruction and experience that he has to share as it relates to everyone trying to improve at the

Postcast #201: Tennis Parenting 101

When your child begins taking lessons there are so many questions to answer: "What should I look for in a coach? Should he/she take lessons from only one coach or several? In today's episode of the podcast tennis parent expert Frank Giampaolo answers those questions and many more as he talks to me about the

Podcast #198: Top 5 Tennis Parent Blunders

Whether you currently have kids involved in tennis or not you really need to listen to my interview with Frank Giampaolo. He shares his "Top 5 Tennis Parent Blunders" and gives some amazing information for all of us to follow along the way. In this episode of the podcast you'll learn about body, brain and

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