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The battle between Play Your Court and Essential Tennis continues as coach Ian and Kevin square off against coach Scott and Nate in a doubles showdown! Here are your competitors:

Ian Westermann
-Played NCAA Division 2 tennis for Ferris State University.
-Was ranked #19 nationally in Division 2 doubles.
-Essential Tennis Coach.

Kevin Garlington
-Played NCAA Division 1 tennis for Oral Roberts University.
-Played at a professional level in both the United States and Europe
-Essential Tennis Coach.

Scott Baxter
-Played NCAA Division 1 tennis at the University of Maryland.
-Was ranked top 150 nationally as a junior.
-Play Your Court Coach.

Nate Bolling
-Ranked top 100 nationally as a junior.
-Played NCAA Division 1 tennis at James Madison University.
-Play Your Court Coach.

This is Part 2 in a two part series showing you all the twists and turns in a full set of competitive doubles play. You’ll hear our players talk between points, strategize together, and give their candid thoughts to a “confessional camera” in between games. All so you can learn how to set up your own doubles play and work with your partner more effectively and win more matches!

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