The elusive “Zone”…what is it and how do we achieve it?

The Zone is a state of mind that allows for optimal performance. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to actually practice this state of mind so that we can achieve it every time that we play or perform.

Essentially, being in The Zone equates to being present. During a tennis practice or match, our minds can wander to a myriad of things. This lack of focus shifts our concentration, typically into the past or the present.

When we think about the past, we become instantly caught up in the reminders of what happened before, or perhaps the disappointments we’ve experienced. It infuses fear into our play.

When we think about the future, many times we start experiencing the ‘what if?’ questions. What if I lose? What if I win? What if I miss?

In both cases, we become consumed elsewhere instead of focused on the present.

Practicing being present will help you to improve so that you can achieve the optimal state of mind every time you’re on the tennis court, allowing yourself to execute at the level you know you are capable of every time you play.

The mental game in tennis is critical and is very possible to improve. See what you can improve.
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