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VIP student Corey had the same problem you probably have… the closer he got to the net, the more he amped everything up and his volley technique went out the window! In this exclusive training session we’ll show you how to develop touch and the ability to transition forward with calmness and confidence.

Corey is a VIP student from Los Angeles who came to work with our ET Team in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In a previous video, we rebuilt his volleys from the ground up. And now, we’ll continue expanding that foundation by turning our attention to touch and transition.

By developing touch, Corey will be able to hit more than just one style of volley – the hard “punch” through the court. Now, he will have the ability to his precisely where he wants to, when he wants to.

However, it’s not enough to just have touch. If you can’t get yourself to the net in the first place with a strong transition game, then touch is irrelevant.

There is a myth taught in tennis, saying that if you want to be a successful volleyer, you must get as close to the net as possible. While this is not completely incorrect, the most important factor in transitioning forward is balance. Having control over your body trumps positioning in the court.

In this lesson, we took Corey through a series of progressions – starting from the most basic drill and ending with more difficult challenges as he succeeds in the instruction. Corey did an outstanding job and made drastic improvements to his volleys and transition game.

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