Volley Technique

How to CONTROL your Volleys

We all know that feeling – when your opponent puts up a high, floating short ball and you move in ready to put away the easy volley, only to spray it way out or dump it into the net... and all of a sudden the momentum shifts. You can avoid

STOP Punching Your Volleys!

A majority of tennis players want to add pace to their volley and smash it or punch it over the net. However, doing this causes inconsistency in accuracy, and less control over your stroke. You need to have soft hands and let the racquet do most of the work when

How to have the BEST Hands in tennis!

Many tennis players struggle with volley's and other touch shots because they don't have good control over their racquet and a good connection with their hands. Here are a few easy drills to practice so you can have expert hands the next time you're on the court!

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