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Federer LAG & SNAP Forehand Lesson (slow motion)

Ready to take your forehand to the next level? Grab your free PDF action plan at http://www.forehandactionplan.com WARNING: DO NOT attempt to incorporate this into your forehand unless it is extremely fundamentally sound. Doing otherwise could introduce numerous additional issues. NOW - if you are ready, then here is how

Forehand UNIT TURN like Federer – tennis lesson

Well, what are you waiting for? Grab your free step-by-step forehand action plan and hit the court: http://www.forehandactionplan.com The 'unit turn' is easily one of the most overlooked aspects of good forehand technique, but it's CRUCIAL to executing a powerful, fluid swing. Here's how to imitate Federer's unit turn for

Effortless Forehand POWER w/lower body rotation

Ready to upgrade your own forehand? Grab the free step-by-step forehand action plan to get started: http://www.forehandactionplan.com It's a problem faced by almost EVERY recreational player's forehand - 100% of effort is above the waist, and the lower body just goes along for the ride. The thing is, the lower