Forehand Technique

How to fix a LATE Forehand…

Our recent student Hil was having trouble with his forehand, and when Ian checked the footage the reason was clear: he was never really READY to hit one! Unfortunately it's a more common problem than people realize – here's how to train yourself to be in the correct ready position

STOP hitting Your Forehand Like This!

Many students come to us to learn better tennis techniques, but rarely do we tell a student we are completely getting rid of their forehand! This student had such a unique situation where they would tend to use a variety of three different forehands. For the most part, 2 were

How to get a POWERFUL forehand!

A forehand is one of the most used strokes in tennis, so it makes sense to have a powerful one. But how do you achieve that? Most people believe it comes from the racquet, so they use their arms, but that is not the correct way to think about it.

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