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How to get a POWERFUL forehand!

A forehand is one of the most used strokes in tennis, so it makes sense to have a powerful one. But how do you achieve that? Most people believe it comes from the racquet, so they use their arms, but that is not the correct way to think about it.

How to Lag & Snap

The term lag & snap gets thrown around a lot in tennis, but what is it actually? How does it work? One of our recent students was having a tough time on his forehand, so we broke down the technique to use the body rather than the arm...

The WTA Forehand is BETTER (than ATP)

So many people argue that the ATP-style forehand is superior to the WTA's – the problem is that almost NONE of them take amateur players into account. Here's why it's not a bad idea to stop trying to hit your forehand like Federer, and try to hit like Sharapova instead

Forehand Kinetic Chain – Level DOESN’T Matter

There's a common misconception among recreational players that the kinetic chain – along with its racquet-head-speed-boosting lag and snap - is an advanced technique reserved for high level players. We're happy to tell you that's completely WRONG, and our recent student Laree is living proof (and trust us, she was

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