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Creating Drive with an Extreme Grip

Do you struggle hitting drive with a western or semi-western grip on your forehand side? Creating a strong, penetrating shot with a western grip IS possible, but you must first understand the different forces at play. The key is managing the amount of vertical acceleration (spin) vs the amount of lateral acceleration (drive).

Andre Agassi Forehand Technique Analysis

https://www.essentialtennis.com/ Is the windshield wiper follow through something that's really important to your game? How about a straight vs bent arm at contact? Check out this technique analysis that compares Adiallo to Andre Agassi. Thanks to FYB for the video footage! http://www.fuzzyyellowballs.com/

Forehand Stroke Analysis

Today we're going to take a look at Sri's forehand groundstroke. In this video I give him three things to continue doing well: -Core Rotation, finishing position, and racket path If he'd like to improve his forehand I offer up three suggestions: -Better initial turn, more of a circular racket path, relax! Check it out!