Cut your Tennis reaction time IN HALF

What if you could respond to every shot from your opponent TWICE as fast? How many more balls could be reached? How much better prepared could you be for every shot? How many more matches would swing your way? It's not just a daydream, it's an opportunity. Here's how to

How the pros RECOVER so quickly (tennis lesson)

Too often amateur tennis players get stuck behind the ball, frantically trying to keep up with one shot after the other until it's too late. The problem most likely isn't that you need to run faster, it's that you need to recover better. Here's how to be ready for the

How To Beat Slicers!

The slice can be one of the most difficult shots in tennis to play against, especially if you don't know what you are doing. Slices can go short, or long, left or right, so how do you position yourself properly on the tennis court? We are breaking down an Essential


The old thought of always "Step In" to your shots is a classic tennis tip, but is it actually the best way to hit your groundstrokes? Or is it done the most often? Today we are breaking-down some professional players and taking a look at how often tennis players are

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