How to PLAY like a PRO: Split Step

Experience the Essential Tennis difference in person this March at Indian Wells - Click Here! If you're STUCK at a lower level of play, there's ONE SIMPLE THING that separates you from the pros... Here's how to take your footwork to the next level and TRANSFORM your game. Learn to place your groundstrokes ON

How To Recover From Out Wide

  When recovering back to the center after being pulled out wide, there is a SLOW way and a FAST way... Using the best recovery footwork will be the difference between staying in the point and losing it. Here's a step by step breakdown! Discover the secrets to MAXIMUM racquet head speed for

Which Is The Best Footwork Pattern?

Many teaching pros are die-hard supporters of a specific footwork pattern, but which one is best? Step in... Step across... Open stance? In this video I'll show you which one to use — and more importantly — when! Comments? Questions? Leave them down below. Thanks for watching!  

Ultimate Quickness Drill

The ability to read where the ball is and move to it with quickly is paramount to your success on the court! This is especially true in situations where you're short on time like returning a huge serve or getting ready to pounce on a passing shot attempt. In today's video tennis lesson

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