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One Handed Backhand Like Stan

In today's lesson I'll be teaching you the top three things that you need to do for your one handed backhand to be more like Stanislas Wawrinka’s. I’ll take you step by step through positioning, contact point, and follow through so you can hit your one hander with more control and power.

Weak Backhand Solution

A weak backhand can put you at a severe disadvantage against your opponent... ESPECIALLY if they are keen enough to target your weakness and make you pay for it. Here's what to do if you find yourself in this situation all too often! Learn to place your groundstrokes ON A DIME with this

Down the Line Success!

The down the line backhand is a really satisfying shot to pull off in doubles... But it also has a sneaky tendency to fly wide! Here is how to reign yours in and come away with more points... Learn how to place your groundstrokes on a dime! - Click Here! Comments? Questions? Leave