How to Serve like a PRO (tennis lesson)

Good news, there's nothing mystical about the way the pros serve; it's just good technique – and the same can be applied to your serve REGARDLESS of level. Here are the three elements you need to ditch your lower-level service motion and start serving like a pro...

Racquet on Edge for More Serve POWER

Master your serve with this free step by step .PDF download: Do you feel like you have to "push" or "dink" your serve over the net just to keep it in? Your problem is likely a failure to keep the racquet on edge, resulting in very little power, spin

How to FIX Your Serve Motion

If you can throw a ball, you can hit a good serve – the REAL trick is un-training the bad habits you may have picked up along the way. Here's how to shake them free and get on track towards a bigger, more powerful serve...

How to hit a KICK SERVE (tennis lesson)

Nothing will drive your opponent crazy like a heavy, high-bouncing kick serve. So why don't more players have one in their arsenal? Turns out, generating that level of spin can be tricky, but once you know the trick (hint: swing path) you'll realize that hitting a kick serve is more

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