How to SPIN your Serve (swing path solution)

Ready to get started? Grab your free step-by-step serve action plan to walk you through your next practice session: Here's some hard truth: many low level players will never learn how to put a meaningful amount of spin on their serve, and will spend their ENTIRE tennis career gently

How to AIM Your Serve (spin serve placement lesson)

Ready to take your serve accuracy and consistency to the next level? Grab your free PDF action plan to get on the right track: Power... Spin... They're both nearly useless without the ability to consistently place your serve in a strategic location. Here's how to start mastering the ONE

How to hit a FLAT SERVE (first serve solution)

Ready to power up your service game? Grab this free step-by-step serve resource to guide you through each progression: A BIG flat serve is an invaluable weapon to have in your first serve repertoire... but many amateur players are stuck just pushing the ball over and setting their opponent

Djokovic Serve Secret (body rotation lesson)

Ready to develop your own big serve? Grab your free step-by-step action plan at There is ONE thing you will find in common with all big, high-level serves - body rotation. The simple fact is, most amateur players are NOT using this critical element at all, and as a

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