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Toss Locations For Different Serves

Hit the most ACCURATE groundstrokes of your life with this coaching series - Click Here! Players are constantly asking me how they should change their toss location based on what type of serve they hit. There's no doubt about it - whether you're hitting flat, slice or kick absolutely makes a difference. If

How To Develop Serve Power

Few things can be more detrimental to your game than a wimpy serve... Learn from the best in the game and BOOST your serve power with this simple exercise! Take your serve to the next level with MAX SERVE ACCELERATION - Click Here! Comments? Questions? Leave them down below. Thanks for watching!

1st vs. 2nd Serve Strategy

Having a strong first and second serve are key to starting more points in your favor and keeping your opponent on the defensive... But where do you begin if you don't have either? Here are a few essential principles to maximize your serve potential! For max power, max spin and max confidence on

How To Boost Your Spin Serve

  Spin isn't just cool; it plays a crucial role in a player's ability to hit aggressive and confident serves... Here are the 2 components you need to start generating more spin! If your serve is weak and inconsistent, and needs more than just a spin boost, I've created a course called Max

Pronate on ALL Serves

I've heard it suggested many times in many different places that pronation should not be used on all different types of serves. Today's video lesson will demonstrate otherwise. I'm a strong believer that pronation is in fact a vital part of the service motion and something that all players should be working on