Serve Technique

How to add 20MPH to Your Serve!

The Serve is the most important shot in tennis, so having good technique is very beneficial. There are many different serve strategies in tennis, wether you want spin, kick, or power, but it is good to know how to achieve all three. Adding POWER to your serve can be a

Baseball Pitcher can’t Serve??

Everyone has heard the sang that a tennis serve is like throwing a baseball. So why can't a star baseball player serve correctly? Well it's not that simple. Players pick up different habits and different coaching along their tennis journeys. Our recent student was a baseball player and this is

THIS is Ruining Your Serve!

People say the Serve is the most IMPORTANT shot in tennis, and if that's true, why do so many people struggle with it? Because it's also the most DIFFICULT shot in tennis. We take our recent student Debi through some progressions to fix the most common serve mistake people make,

How to return BIG Kick Serves

There are few more helpless feelings than facing a big kick serve and lacking the ability to handle high-bouncing returns. Here are the tools you need to neutralize your opponent's weapon and put yourself back in the game...

Improving My Serve POWER with these Drills!

Are you struggling to create power on your serve? There is a common mistake most ameteur players are making on their serve which is limiting their abilities to get speed. These few drills will help you understand the proper technique and improve your serve the next ime you're on the

Stop FAKING your Serve Arm Load

Stuart had a strong service motion overall but wasn't nearly achieving the power he was capable of. Sound familiar? Here's how to distinguish a true loading of the arm and shoulder from a fake one, and how to incorporate the real thing into your serve for more effortless power...

The Secret To Legendary Serves

Having a good serve technique is key to being successful in tennis. However, some techniques aren't always the best strategy, but this proper serve technique has been around for ages! Vic Braden believes it's the right way to teach, as does Ian! Find out how you can also learn this

The Serve Mistake No One is Talking About

The serve is the MOST important shot in tennis. It starts EVERY single point in a tennis match. SO having the right technique and proper execution will increase your chances of success. However, there is one factor that almost no one talks about! I'm going to show you this hidden

Simple Serve Fix For Easy Power

Struggling to hit your serve with more power? We recently helped one of our online students create much more power on their serve by making one simple change. After some video analysis and practice, the student made improvements within a week! If you'd like to improve your game, head on

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