Volley Technique

DON’T Volley Like This!

Ian and Ira recently played a doubles match and Ian realised he was struggling with his deep transition volley. The two high schoolers they played against really exposed this part of Ian's game so today he is firing up the PlayMate iGenie Ball Machine and putting in some volley reps.

Do THIS for smoother volleys

Nope, it's not a fantasy – YOU can hit volleys that look like Roger Federer. That's because his smooth, effortless volley technique isn't some mysterious superpower, it's a mastery of the fundamentals, and you can incorporate the same fundamentals into your net game in a few easy steps. Ditch that

How to Volley like a PRO (tennis lesson)

What if I told you the reason so many players struggle at the net is not because they do too little, but because they do too MUCH? Most volleys should be a calm, smooth guide – extra movements introduce volatility that destroys a reliable net game. Here's how to simplify

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