When I saw this photo I thought Serena Williams had designed the ultimate tennis outfit. I was ready for this design to catch on and all the cutie pies to start wearing them on the court. I’m guessing every match would be sold out for as long as there was tennis.

But alas, it seems this is only an outfit Serena wears to movie premieres. According to Lingerie Endorsements, Serena Williams was the center of attention in November 2004, when “she reached a new level of exposure at the London premiere of Pierce Brosnan’s new film, After the Sunset. In an outfit that had a near-topless effect, Serena Williams wore a red gown with strips of sheer fabric.”

That sounds like a description of the outfit she’s wearing in this photo. So I guess we’ll have to be content with watching the sexy cutie pies in their sexy little tennis skirts without the see-through effect on top.