List of 30 Training Progressions

Segmented Shadow Swings Continuous Shadow Swings  Shadow Swings with contact “taps”  Fake Tosses Stationary Drop Hits  Drop Hits With Movement Close Underhand Toss (same side)  Far Underhand Toss (other side)  Feeds From Net, Student On Service Line  Feeds From Net, Student in No Man’s Land  Feeds from Net, Student on Baseline   Feeds From Net, Student

Case Study 6: The Do-Nothing Volley

Mark is a 4.0 player who drove up from Chicago because he wanted to fix a gaping hole in his game: a complete inability to volley. It’s not that Mark refused to approach the net; it’s just that anytime he did it was a total crap shoot, because he couldn’t

Case Study 5: First and Second Serve

Audrey is a 3.0 player from Colorado. She came to me with the hope that we’d taking her entire game to the next level. I chose to start with her serve -- the one shot over which she (and every other player) has complete control. Audrey had a good first

Case Study 4: Tennis IQ

Club-level players put a lot of emphasis on technique. But I’ve always believed that just as important is what we coaches call Tennis IQ -- the degree to which a player understands patterns of play and which types of shots to hit in a given situation. Phil, a 35-year-old 4.0

Case Study 3: There Is No Ball

Sometimes a student has good technical fundamentals but for whatever reason just can’t hit the ball with power. Such was the case with Justin -- a 3.5 player in his 40s from Utah. Justin came to me with a very specific goal: he wanted to beat his longtime nemesis who

Case Study 2: Effortless Power

Meet Jina -- a 3.0 player in her 40s from California. An Essential Tennis fan for many years, Jina flew out to Wisconsin to work with me personally because, in her words, “I’m ready to take my game to the next level.” Good for her! When a player plays 3.0,

Case Study 1: Feel Versus Real

When it comes to amateur tennis players, there are those who enjoy the game and those who are obsessed. My student Rob is one of the obsessed ones. Born, raised, and currently living in Detroit, he belongs to two (yes, two) tennis clubs, just so he can be sure to

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