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What is Federer Thinking??

  What is Roger Federer thinking (if anything) when he executes his serve? Here's a look inside the minds of the most successful players... Discover the secrets to MAXIMUM racquet head speed for monster serves that DESTROY your competition - Click Here!

Does Gear Really Matter?

Every year, the latest and greatest racquet... The latest and greatest shoes... The latest and greatest technology, promising to make a significant improvement to your game. But how much of a different does it really make? Here's what you need to know! Learn to place your groundstrokes ON A DIME with this FREE

DON’T Copy the Pros!

Picking your favorite player and trying to imitate their swing is a BAD IDEA. On the other hand, choosing the correct things to copy can benefit your technique tremendously. Here's what I mean... Tired of choking on short sitters? Learn how to put them away with confidence with this $1 coaching series -

How to Crush Annoying Players

We've all dealt with opponents who celebrate after our mistakes, make terrible line calls or grunt loudly on every single shot. Annoying, obnoxious people are everywhere, not just on the tennis court, and its important to learn how to deal with them effectively. Without a plan of attack against this type of player

“Feel” vs “Science” – Which is Best?

I've received a lot of comments in response to my current "Myth Buster" series that go something like this: "Why are you bad mouthing teachers who want to say that a certain technique 'feels like this' when it leads to improvement?? Who cares if it's what actually happens!" This video is in direct

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