Yesterday I promised I’d share a lesson that would get you winning more matches against your regular opponents FAST.

Ready? 🙂

By the end of this message (and the video linked below) you’re going to understand your own personal strengths and weaknesses much more intimately…

…which is arguably the most important part of winning tennis matches.

To illustrate why that’s true I’d like you quickly imagine you’re the brand new track a field coach for your country’s Olympic team.

You show up on the first day of training for the upcoming Olympic Games and you’re met by the skeptical stares of 37 elite, world class athletes.

First order of business: assign events to all your competitors.

Rather than looking at competitive resumes, holding tryouts, or maybe just ASKING who specializes in what, you line everybody up and simply point to each athlete as you randomly call out the events that need covered:

“100 meter sprint, long jump, shot put, 10,000 meter run, high jump, discus, marathon!!”

Absolutely insane, right??

Each of those competitions requires dramatically different training, talents, and abilities.

Without assigning the athlete with the right skill set to the appropriate event your team will get absolutely crushed.

And so it is with tennis!

There are a million and one ways to win at tennis, but unfortunately most players have a very poor understanding of their own unique combination of strengths and weaknesses.

As a result they use styles and patterns that make winning extremely difficult, because they don’t work with the reality of their skills.

So….if you want to have the BEST chance of winning your very next match the first step you need to take is determining what style of play best suits you.

Most tennis players fall within one of these four main categories:

  1. Counterpuncher
  2. Aggressive Baseliner
  3. All Court Player
  4. Net Rusher

How can you tell which you are?

Here’s are a few Academy exclusive training videos that explains each style in detail and gives the attributes most common to all of them so you can figure out where you fit.

Learn Your Game Style – Click Here!

DON’T assume which style you are simply based on the name, they’re all more nuanced than you might think at first glance.

Let the video guide you in the right direction so you can make an informed choice.

Knowing your personal style will change everything for you.

Suddenly you’ll know exactly what parts of your game to focus on and which to leave on the back burner.

It will bring clarity and understanding to every part of your game and help you chart a successful path for the rest of your career, step by step.

It will also determine exactly which strategies you use and DON’T use, which is how you can win as many matches as possible right now!

That’s what tomorrow’s message is going to focus on: matching the right patterns to the right game style so you can influence every match heavily in your favor.

If you have an important match coming up you’re not going to want to miss it…

Talk to you then.

Your Coach,