Welcome to video 1 of 3 in a series that will focus on how to use “short court” or “mini tennis” as effectively as possible. My goal within these three videos is to either get you started using short court for the first time or, if you’re using it already, help you make the absolute best use of your time.

In this video I’m going to address a very, very common misconception about short court: that it’s just for low level or beginner type players. That is NOT true and I’ll tell you why.

Then I’m going to present a video of a top level professional player using short court to warm up while I talk about the big benefits to actually using short court as part of your routine.

Question: Do you already use short court? Tell me in the comments below! 

Video 2: Target and Positioning – Click Here!

Video 3: Using Short Court Effectively – Click Here!