Welcome to video 3 of 3 in a series that will focus on how to use “short court” or “mini tennis” as effectively as possible. My goal within these three videos is to either get you started using short court for the first time or, if you’re using it already, help you make the absolute best use of your time.

This video is going to cover three very important topics that have a huge impact on your short court success:

1. Footwork. The whole point of short court is to warm up effectively so please, please use your feet correctly. This includes using a split step every time your partner hits the ball, taking little steps between each shot, and setting yourself up for every forehand and backhand as you would on the baseline.

2. Technique. This is a tough one for most recreational tennis players. You should ideally be using full groundstroke technique on both your forehand and backhand side. How can you keep the ball inside the service boxes? Control the speed and rhythm of your swing.

3. Have a goal. This is huge! Don’t just aimlessly hit the ball back and forth, have some kind of goal that you’re shooting for with your partner.

Question: When you’ve used short court up until this point have you used full groundstroke technique?¬†Let me know in the comments below!

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