Today’s Quick Tip Is All About Focus.

When you lose your backhand completely………you work to improve it.
When your serve keeps missing in the net………you work to improve it.
When your forehand’s sailing long………………….you work to improve it.
So when we hear things like “I lost the match because I’m such a head case” or “I was so distracted,” why is it that most of the time…….WE DON’T DO ANYTHING TO IMPROVE IT?

The mental side of tennis can be equally important to the physical and yet, is vastly under practiced. Mental toughness is achievable if we practice it with intention, just like any other tennis skill. By putting yourself purposefully into match realistic situations, you can improve your focus and concentration. The “X” factor that separates the good from the great is how we overcome adversity. Do not leave mental aspects like resilience, confidence, determination, and focus to chance. Make the decision to challenge yourself by working on your mental fitness just as you would your physical conditioning and you will find dividends on court and off. I’m a firm believer that anybody, regardless of where they start, can improve these types of skills.

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