Our Essential Tennis team recently had the opportunity to work with Corey, a VIP student from Los Angeles who came to work with us in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for private, one-on-one coaching.

In this video, we will be focusing on his volley lesson to improve accuracy and consistency at the net.

Although Corey is a high level, 4.5 player, he still struggled at the net enough that he tried to avoid moving forward as much as possible. He told us that he tends to swing on his volleys too much…missing the easy floaters and sitting ducks that are the most frustrating to miss.

In order to evaluate his technique at the net, we gave him a test. We had Corey rally from inside the service line with his partner on the baseline and the one goal he had was to hit 10 in a row past the service line.

This was a challenge for Corey to execute.

Through the use of video analysis, we were able to take a look at Corey’s volleys in slow motion. We saw that there was a lot more going on than necessary and that he was doing much more with the racquet face than he had to.

The key to hitting accurate, consistent volleys is:
Finding the right angle of the racquet face
Using the right amount of looseness or firmness while holding onto the racquet

Corey – (and most amateur tennis players) – tend to hit much firmer than they need to…often trying too hard to “punch” the ball. However, if we can simply set the angle of the racquet to the correct spot, then we can use the incoming energy of the ball to easily place it wherever we want on the court.

Using these concepts, we put Corey through a series of progressions to scale back and simplify his volleys – building from the ground up to make sure he can fully understand and execute this new technique over the long term.

Odds are very high that you could also be doing too much on your volleys, adding extra movement that complicates your execution and robs you of easy points. But now you can take the SAME coaching principles with you on the court that Corey had – download the FREE PDF Action Plan below:

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