For a step by step guide on how you can implement the progressions in the video into your very next practice, visit:

Our recent VIP student, Corey, came to work with us at our headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from Los Angeles, California. Corey is a 4.5 NTRP-rated player with aspirations to compete at the national level and to also become a strong 5.0.

Even though he came to us as a very solid player, there were still fundamental issues blocking Corey’s potential. One of those issues was his backhand – the shot that most players struggle with.

In this video, we show you the roadmap for how we changed Corey’s backhand and how you can use our coaching to improve your own.

Corey had previously been told to “turn over the racquet” and to “come over the top of the ball” as he swings on his groundstrokes. And because of this, he ended up twisting his wrists and trying to manipulate the racquet as he swung through contact.

The truth of the matter is that the contact point only lasts a mere .002-.004 of a second. It is physically impossible to have that much control while you make impact for such a short amount of time.

So instead of using his wrists to create topspin, we brought him through a series of progressions to focus on a more vertical swing path. As you’ll see in the video, concentrating on this one thing would make a series of others fall into place, offering a huge return on investment for Corey’s shot.

Previously, Corey was overly manipulating his racquet with his hands in the swing. This caused his follow through to be restricted and limited his extension because he was steering the racquet face over the ball instead of allowing it to loosely swing through.

Besides the direction of swing, the overarching theme that would not have made his swing success possible was overall looseness. By removing tension from the swing and using his body more efficiently, his rotation was also able to increase – making fluidity possible so that he could have more potential energy in his backhand.

Identifying and resolving some of the most common groundstroke mistakes in this private VIP coaching session can also help your backhand transform from your weakest shot to a reliable weapon.

For a step by step guide on how you can implement the progressions in the video into your very next practice, visit: