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String Power Levels, Part 2

In part 1 of evaluating a string for power level, we discussed some of the physics behind string power levels, and how strings behave throughout a range of impact forces. In part 2, we’ll expand on that information and see how it can be applied to benefit our game. When evaluating your own game, the

String Tech 101 – String Power Levels, part 1

There are a number of threads in the Gear Review section that deal with strings. That’s understandable since the strings are the only part of our gear that touches the ball during play. There are many resources on the web that do a fine job of describing the different string types and their physical properties

The More Things Change……..

The More They Stay The Same! Pursuant to and somewhat contradictory to my esteemed colleague Jeremy's article I feel compelled to let all our readers in on a few trade secrets. Some will be obvious, some not so much. At the end of this article you will be a more informed consumer. #1-We are in

New Sticks for Top Players

The last couple of months have been very exciting if you follow the equipment of the top pros! Since the Aussie Open we have seen the number 3 player in the world switch racquets, the top American player get an updated frame, and in a couple of weeks we'll see the great British hope get

The New Babolat XCel Premium

Arm Trouble? Looking For Increased Feel? Try XCel Premium!!While I am an extremly active proponent of durability strings and hybrid string beds, I am still a sucker for an nice soft string in my feeding racquet. I've used all the available comfort strings on the market and I am prepared to say that XCel Premium

Hybrid Stringing FAQ’s

Lately there has been a lot of discussion on the Essential Tennis Forums ( hybrid stringing patterns, so I thought that I would take the time to go over some of the basics, and hopefully answer some questions that you might be having. Here are some of the basics. What is Hybrid stringing? Hybrid stringing is

Technifibre Pro Red Code

Tired of paying an arm and a leg for high end polyester strings? In case you haven't heard there is an alternative. I've been using this miracle product for the last three years and swear by it. Before I started using it I was shelling out hundreds of dollars for reels Luxilon Big Banger ALU.

Custom Barricades from

Are you having trouble finding shoes to match you USTA team's uniform? Want shoes that bear your school colors? Just want to have tennis shoes that show you national pride or artistic flair?Welcome to!This website is the latest evolution in customized footwear. Much like the Nike id. program (which only allowed you to customize

Prince EX03 Rebel 95 & Rebel Team

Welcome to a new age of Prince Racquet Sports! The new line of EX03 racquets represents a return to the advance player focus that once made Prince the market powerhouse and equal of Wilson. This new series is constructed and designed with the tournament to tour level player in mind and is nothing short a

Wilson K Pro Staff 88

Wilson K Pro Staff 88:It's Baaack!! Yes the return of king. If you were one of the few people on the planet who was able to handle the original Pro Staff 6.0 85 and still have the strength to wield on you will love this racquet. Mere mortals will probably want to just pass this

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