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Tennis Elbow – Gear Solutions

Most of us have experienced it at some point or another. That dull thud in your elbow that develops to a sharp devastating pain within a week’s time.  While it can be annoying to not be able to play due to the pain of tennis elbow, for many it can actually start to affect their

Adidas Barricade 8 vs Adidas Adizero Review

Wondering which of Adidas' newest tennis shoe models is right for you? I've worn both the Barricade 8 and the Adizero in competition over the past couple months and in this review I'll tell you exactly what I think about them both. I'll also tell you which I personally prefer for my own feet as

Dunlop Biomimetic 400 Tour

I was recently able to demo Dunlop's Biomimetic 400 Tour racquet from my local tennis shop.  I had been reading about this racquet for a few days before the demo, and all I can say is WOW!  The Biomimetic 400 did not disappoint, the anatomic construction technology applied to the throat of the frame diffuses

Penn’s Marathon Ball

Penn is introducing a new more durable and longer lasting tennis ball, dubbed the Pro Penn Marathon Ball. Slated to debut sometime this January, Penn's new ball will provide "greater durability, longevity and visibility." Penn has stated that their secret to the Marathon Ball is their Encore Technology TM.  Making the ball last 22% longer

BLX Blade 98

Wilson has updated its Blade line this year by putting in their new BLX technology.  BLX is suppose to improve the "feel" of the racquet.  So, let's see if it's true. Stringing setup:  I strung the racquet with Luxilion ALU Rough in the mains, and Gamma Live Wire 16g in the crosses on a constant

Luxilon Savage 1.27

Luxilon is releasing a new string in January 2011. The new string is called Savage 1.27 and comes in three colors, Lime, Black, and White. -Savage has a six-sided shape for extreme spin potential. -Designed for players who want to hit hard, heavy shots. -Savage also has enhanced feel with Liquid Crystal Polymer. I playtest

Gear Review: Power Pads

I recently felt like experimenting a little bit with my BLX 90’s so after researching some different ways in order to change this or that. I started reading about Power Pads, if you are not familiar with them. Simply stated they are little pieces of leather that are placed between the grommets at the throat

Wilson BLX Tour

Other than a brief stint with Yonex I have played most of my short tennis career with the Wilson 6.1 tour series of frames. I started with the K Factor generation and have now upgraded to the current incarnation, being the BLX 6.1 Tour. This racquet is what is categorized as a midsized frame. The

Racquet Customization

Racquet customization can be as simple as changing your replacement grip to completely change the specs of your racquet.  Some players like to extend their replacement grip because of a two handed backhand, or build up their butt cap, or use a rubber band instead of a vibration dampener.  Everyone is different, so it makes

RPM Blast Part Deux

I know that the RPM Blast has been reviewed before, but it never hurts to have a second opinion.  As many know, this is the string that Babolat says Rafael Nadal plays with.  So, how does it feel to a mere mortal? Stringing: Like most polys, the RPM Blast does keep it’s coiling when unwrapping. 

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