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Penn is introducing a new more durable and longer lasting tennis ball, dubbed the Pro Penn Marathon Ball.

Slated to debut sometime this January, Penn’s new ball will provide “greater durability, longevity and visibility.” Penn has stated that their secret to the Marathon Ball is their Encore Technology TM.  Making the ball last 22% longer than the average ball.  This new technology not only increases durability but has no effect on the weight or spin of the new balls.  The Pro Penn Marathon also introduces LongPlay felt.  New wool and high tenacity fibers along with Penn’s Smart Optik treatment of the felt, reduces the amount of dirt and grit the ball picks up making the felt last longer and remain brighter.


The Pro Penn Marathon ball will be offered in three different versions.

  1. Regular Duty – For soft court play
  2. Extra Duty – For hard court play
  3. Extra Duty High Altitude – Weighing the same as the other versions but contains a different ball core.

This ball has not been put on the court or shelves yet, but releasing early in the new year, it is definitely worth a try. For recreational players sick of reaching for “dead-balls” this new ball could be just what you dreamed of. I will be picking up a sleeve of these balls as soon as they hit the market

Anticipation Rating: 8/10

-Running Fox

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  1. Rlamb March 22, 2012 at 5:01 pm - Reply

    Hit with these balls for 2.5 hours yesterday in Colorado. We used the High Altitude version and my overall impression was not good.

    Yellow Optic: remained nice and bright (highly visible) for the entirety of the play.

    Bounce: Bounce out of the can was consistent with the Wilson US Open or Penn ATP balls. The problem was these balls decelerated and bounced less in real play. My partner and I are both pretty big hitters and we were noticing that we were never really rushed playing with these balls.

    With slice, they just died and a 15 foot heavy topspin lob would only bounce like five feet in the air. The balls also felt heavier and I use a low power control stick and really felt I has to load up for all decent pace shots.

    Touch: was non-existant for me, as i felt disconnected from the ball. Naturally, this could be a bad day and user error, so I opened up some Wilsons and was hitting penetrating shots, winners and deft angles and drop shots immediately. Which means it was the Penn Marathons.

    My partner uses Nadals racquet with RPM string. His stick has a lot more power than mine. He liked these balls, as he was not overhitting and had plenty of time to setup for my shots. Therefore, i think these might be useful to big hitters with power racquets, who have issues keeping the ball in play. But they were the worst balls I have ever used for my style of play. My approach shots were slower, I couldn’t hit through the court without throwing my body at the ball. They felt dead on finesse shots and heavy for those shots as well.

  2. Jeremy October 29, 2011 at 7:49 am - Reply

    Let’s see if this does better than Wilson’s Double Core ball (which I loved)… The DC ball had a stiffer feel to it, and it did seem to last longer, but the higher price point than even US Open balls doomed it from the start. Maybe Penn learned something from seeing that almost 10 years ago!