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When Should You Poach?

Learn how to anticipate your opponent's every move with this free coaching - Click Here! Develop your psychic powers on the court - Click Here! Knowing not just how to poach but WHEN is crucial to keeping your opponents guessing... Here's a quick video that will give you what you need to know! Comments?

Doubles Serve and Volley Strategy

If you want to become a high level doubles player then being comfortable with serve and volley tactics is absolutely crucial! Serve and volley doesn't always work (nothing does!) but if you can't execute it confidently and effectively when it's needed then you'll constantly find yourself playing more passive tactics than you should be. Today's

Doubles Strategy – When to Poach

When is the right time to poach when you're playing doubles? That is the topic of today's video tennis lesson! I've many times heard it suggested that you should make your move on the poach when your partner's serve hit's the service box. I'm definitely not a fan of that and in the

Finishing Points in Doubles

So many times I watch doubles points that last much longer than they should. Often the net player has an opportunity to put the ball away but just doesn't do their job. Watch this video to see a good example of how to avoid a common mistake!