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How To DEFEAT Passing Shots

  Sick of getting passed? Proper distance from the net as your teammate serves is key for intercepting down the line and angle shots. Here's how to be in the BEST position... Hit the most ACCURATE groundstrokes of your life with this coaching series - Click Here!

Myth Busted – Racquet Head Up

I've heard coaches tell their students to keep their "racquet head up" on low volleys over and over again. Please don't try to execute a low volley that way! The most important factor is the angle between your forearm and racquet handle. If you keep a strong connection between the racquet and your

Crush Lobbers In Doubles

Do you get frustrated by doubles opponents who lob over and over again? You don't have to be, and you won't be if you work on the three simple elements that I outline in today's strategy tutorial. Fact of the matter is you should NOT always be looking to close into the net

Doubles Partner Chemistry

  Chemistry with your doubles partner can ultimately make or break your success together on the court... Here are the dynamics at play, and how you leverage them to build a great team! Hit the most ACCURATE groundstrokes of your life with this coaching series - Click Here! Comments? Questions? Leave them down

Using Hand Signals in Doubles

Good communication can make or break a doubles team... It's easy when you've played with someone forever, but what happens when you're paired with a new partner? Here are some simple hand signals to keep everyone on the same page. Take your doubles game to the next level with this FREE coaching -

When Should You Poach?

Learn how to anticipate your opponent's every move with this free coaching - Click Here! Develop your psychic powers on the court - Click Here! Knowing not just how to poach but WHEN is crucial to keeping your opponents guessing... Here's a quick video that will give you what you need to know! Comments?

Doubles Serve and Volley Strategy

If you want to become a high level doubles player then being comfortable with serve and volley tactics is absolutely crucial! Serve and volley doesn't always work (nothing does!) but if you can't execute it confidently and effectively when it's needed then you'll constantly find yourself playing more passive tactics than you should be. Today's

Doubles Strategy – When to Poach

When is the right time to poach when you're playing doubles? That is the topic of today's video tennis lesson! I've many times heard it suggested that you should make your move on the poach when your partner's serve hit's the service box. I'm definitely not a fan of that and in the