Top fitness MISTAKES amateur tennis players make

Tennis Fitness 360 registrations: 45% of people have FITNESS as their New Year's resolution... and we recently had Steve Beck, a tennis fitness expert, here in Milwaukee to film our upcoming Tennis Fitness 360 course, and while we had some downtime Ian asked him ONE question... “Steve, what’s the

SECRET to Tennis Offense + 3 drills

What does your perspective on the court have to do with your offensive opportunity? Everything! Here's a simple exercise that will FOREVER change the way you see your opponent's side of the court - and 3 drills to improve your offensive game... Ready to maximize your forehand power, spin, and

ULTIMATE Leg Strength (tennis training)

Don't play another match on weak legs! Grab your leg strength cheat sheet here: There's one thing that everything pro player has in common that allows powerful groundstrokes, explosive serves and agile movement: LEG strength. Your legs are the foundation of EVERYTHING you do on the court, and strengthening

Tennis Elbow Solution

  Tennis Elbow got you down? Jack Sock's chiropractor Dr. Casey Cordial shows the TOP 7 exercises you can do at home or on the court to keep the pain away! Hit the most ACCURATE groundstrokes of your life with this coaching series - Click Here! Comments? Questions? Leave them down below. Thanks

Tennis Fitness — Resistance Band Part 3: Leg Strength

Building up your physical strength can go a LONG way to increasing your performance on the tennis court! In this video certified personal trainer Steve Beck shows us how we can use resistance bands to increase our leg strength and power, something that can help us get to more tennis balls during points! Make sure

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