Megan got off easy… (it was painful)

Sticking with a year-long workout program is tough enough. Doing ALL of the workouts back-to-back within a few days? GRUESOME. It's a good thing Megan took a break when she did... PS - Today is the LAST day of open registration for our all-new fitness course. Give your tennis game

PUSH YOURSELF (why your tennis needs a fitness plan)

Ready to take the plunge? Check out Tennis Fitness 360 here: If you're comfortable and content with where you are as a tennis player, then go ahead and SKIP this video. If you want to PUSH yourself to be the best you can be, and aren't afraid of doing

Meet Sally and Macho Mike: Tennis Fitness Extraordinaires

Whether you're a Sally, a Macho Mike, or somewhere in between, if you're passionate about improving your game through better fitness we created Tennis Fitness 360 for you: Whenever we create a new course, it's important for us to know who we are creating it FOR, and to make

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