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What Style Should You Play?

Today's lesson topic is all about singles strategy. Specifically, which style of play is best to use during a match? John wrote in and told me that he was having an "identity crisis" because he has two very different styles of play that he enjoys using. What should he do? Well, you'll find

Defeat a Net Rusher – Singles Strategy

You won't face a whole lot of net rushers in your singles play but when you do it's extremely important to have the skills necessary to defeat them! In today's strategy lesson we're going to be talking about keeping the ball deep during your baseline exchanges, the topspin and backspin lob, and down

Volley Control Demonstration

Do you suffer from a lack of control with your volley game? Do you have a hard time maintaining a rally with a parter across from the net? Watch this video and listen to the top three elements of control that you need to improve in order to maintain a cooperative volley rally back and