Hitting with an online tennis LEGEND

For the second time in my life, I get the opportunity to hit on a grass court – and this time it's across the net from a legend. Any guess who this guy might be? On thing's for sure, he has a nasty drop shot...

Does Tennis Gear REALLY Matter?

If most racquet companies are to be believed, their latest model will all but guarantee you more POWER, SPIN and CONTROL than ever before thanks to their newest technology. Let's be honest - can a new racquet REALLY improve your game, or is it all just a bunch of hogwash?

THANK YOU for 10 Years on YouTube!

10 Year Anniversary Bundle: https://essentialtennisvideos.com/10years Thank you SO much for all your views, likes, comments, and other engagement over the last 10 years. We're incredibly grateful for your support. Much, much more to come :-) Ready to maximize your forehand power, spin, and accuracy?? Register for our FREE Forehand Masterclass

MEAN YouTube comments (Ian and Kevin reaction)

Day after day, we scroll through countless questionable, rude, and downright MEAN comments - but the comments on some recent match play videos with Ian and Kevin took the cake. Well, Ian and Kevin can't contain their responses any longer... Want to see the actual match footage along with commentary

smell my balls? (4 ways to test tennis balls)

Are you hitting with old, fuzzy balls? Here are 4 EASY ways to check (and Kevin puts Ian's ball-sniffing abilities to the test)... Want to learn more fun facts about tennis equipment? Check out the forums in our Academy: http://www.essentialtennisacademy.com Ready to maximize your forehand power, spin, and accuracy?? Register

New Year! Resolutions!

It's that time of year again - when an old year is behind us, a new year is ahead, and those Christmas cookies are sticking around a little longer than planned. Here's how we'll be taking on the new year... What about you? Become part of the #1 tennis community


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SERVE T-shirts (to help those in need)

'Tis the season... to give to those in need! We've made some awesome T-shirts to raise money for the Milwaukee Rescue Mission and make a positive change in our community. Grab one for yourself or or a friend right here: https://www.essentialtennis.com/serve Thanks for helping us SERVE. Ready to maximize your

EASY Video Analysis! (how to fix your game)

Video Analysis is: ✅CHEAP ✅EASY ✅GAME CHANGING Translation: There is absolutely NO good reason why you shouldn't be using video analysis to transform your technique. Go to http://www.easyvideoanalysis.com to grab your free PDF and get started... Ready to maximize your forehand power, spin, and accuracy?? Register for our FREE Forehand

Bad line call SOLUTION! (new tennis device)

Ready to bring an unbiased line caller to YOUR court? Learn more at http://inout.tennis How would you like to NEVER argue over a line call again? This guy invented the solution so you can save your friendships and focus on playing tennis instead! Here's how it works... Ready to maximize

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