Written by Ian Westermann
Injury Treatment and Prevention — 03 January 2013
How to treat tennis elbow – Video 1 of 3

Video 2 – Tennis Elbow Strengthening Exercises – Click Here!

Let’s face it – tennis elbow (or “golfers elbow”) can really be terrible. I know, I’ve had both varieties myself and they can really restrict your ability to play the game.

Thankfully I was joined by a professional sports medicine trainer to show you how to treat your own tennis elbow and get yourself on the road to recovery.

Important – As with any kind of injury or physical issue you should be seeking the one-on-one advice of a medical professional before implementing any kind of treatment yourself! Every person and every injury is different, so getting personalized advice is extremely important.

That being said, I hope this video and the two following are extremely helpful to you! This one is going to focus on stretches that you can do to start loosening up your tennis elbow or golfers elbow.

Once you’ve done that you can move on to strengthening which Ryan and I will be covering in Video 2 and Video 3 (out soon!).

Question – What other types of injury would you like to see videos on? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Suffering from pain in my outer wrist that started a while ago when i did a unclean hit on a fast ball that sort of pryed the racket out of my grip.

    So, dealing with wrist pain could be an interesting subject for a video

  2. Ian, this vid is a fantastic tool for all of us weekend warriors. I discovered these three snippets shortly after i noticed tenderness in my elbow. The stretch immediately assisted and along with the suggested weight exercises, my elbow is rock solid, without pain. Happily you have helped my entire mindset against injury. By far the best aspect, of the stretch is that I can (and do) perform it when I have a spare minute – at work, waiting for the bus, part of my regular gym work, pre-game warm-up. Brilliant. Many thanks for generously offering safety, not as an alternative but as an integral part of tennis education. Nice one.

  3. groin strains & hamstring tightness/pulls

  4. plantar fasciitis

  5. Excellent – good read on these exercises….keep it going.. Merv

  6. Like it. How about exercises for patella tendonitis?

  7. Is there a difference between a tennis elbow and a golfer's elbow?

    • Yes Pete, there is a difference between tennis and golfers elbow, tennis is basically on the outside of the elbow and golfers is on the inside. I ended up getting golfers, dont ask me how because I cant even stand to watch golf. I saw a few doctors then finally my chiropractor gave me a super simple exercise that cleared it up SUPER fast. Put a regular elastic band around your fingers as they are all held together-including the thumb. Then just expand/stretch out the fingers. This worked GREAT!

  8. Hi Ian, Info video on tennis elbow treatment is excellent. I have had tennis elbow in the past and intend to apply these remedies as preventative measures against recurrence.Would you have stretching & strengthening exercises associated with shoulder pain specific to rotator cuff injuries; infraspinatus muscle impingement, that you may present in a video?

  9. Like it!

  10. Hey Ian thanks great very helpful ,what about shoulder were the rotary culf is
    Thank you again

  11. I would like a more powerful serve.

  12. Great video, Ian. I knew 2 of the stretches. The 3rd one was new to me. Thanks again.

    What would I like to see? — I get knee pain. Exercises/stretches to strengthen knee (just above the knee, on top of the knee). Tx.

  13. Hi Ian,

    To respond to your question " what other types of injuries would you like to see videos on?": I would like to see videos with any relevant tip to strengthen the ankle. I have weak and tight ankle and although I have never had a serious ankle injury I am always scared to twist my ankle badly while on the court. I heard that doing some specific ankle strengthening exercices could prevent future injury. If you are knowledgeable in this area, that would be an awesome video.

  14. Hello

    I have been doing the three videos, have improvement… still have golfers elbow which I got from cross county sking – I am a tennis player. its been 5 months with this elbow problem and I really want to start to play again . Do you recommend that i play even if it hurts bit…i can do all daily activies except when i force anything …. so i dont know what i should do.

    is it recommended to get a cortisone injection at this stage to get rid of any remaining inflammation ?

    could you let me know your recommendation ? would truly appreciate it..

    thanks for these videos it really helps and I do it at least twice a day….

    your comments would help


  15. Golf elbow has been a real issue for me over the years.
    There are many treatments available but not many are efficient
    I am a very keen tennis player but the golf elbow has hold me back especially with the serve

    I did try a series of treatments with variable success over the years!
    Recently however, I have used the injection of platelets rich plasma under ultrasound guidance with immediate effect within 3 weeks. Basically, they take 3-4 ml of your own blood, then separate the red blood cells from plasma with platelets and inject the plasma rich platelets (PRP) into the affected tendon. The areas were the tendon that is inflammed can easily injected with PRP. The key is to make sure you have an experienced radiologist to do the procedure, who has expertise in the matter! Also it is important to inject the PRP in ALL the inflammed areas of the tendon!!
    But I can guarantee you it does works!

    Important, after the procedure wait around three weeks before doing anything with your arm. No gym, no tennis! You will see amazing result

    I do agree with a previous post that technique in tennis is very important! Wrong technique makes you more prone to tennis and golf elbow.
    Not many ATP pro's seem to be affected by the above!!
    Also type of racket and strings are important. Volkl rackets, German manufactured, are really superb for tennis elbow (check their website).
    Strings a combination of synthetic gut (horizontal strings) and something more durable (vertical strings) can also make a difference

    By the way, this is the first time ever I have posted something but I know how frustrating this injury is and I wanted to share my experience!!


  16. How about hip and leg injuries, stretch and strength exercises…

  17. Ian,
    Thanks for the videos, they are all informative and helpful.
    Could you give some advice and thoughts on the various causes of tennis elbow?
    Specifically, how much of typicall amateur tennis elbow problems are due to insufficient stretching vs. improper technique (pronating too hard on serve, or problems with one handed backhand) vs. string type and tension?
    I've presonally been confused by the issue of polyester strings and tennis elbow. I understand how stiff strings can lead to more shock and thus pain, but my guess is that those issues are overstated and more tennis elbow is really from the repetitive stress of less-than-perfect swings. Would you agree, or no?
    I also dont understand the issue of how some claim that 'dead' polyester strings that are overdue for replacement can cause even more tennis elbow problems. Wouldnt the fact that they are less stiff when 'dead' cause them to be less of an issue?

    Please help clarify this if you can!

    • Isn't one of the biggest causes of tennis elbow gripping the racket too tightly? Sometimes an improper grip can go down that road as well.

  18. how to stretch ur hand to make serves like PRO

  19. how to try to prevent should injuries i think would be helpful

  20. Congratulations !!!
    Outstanding job Ian, Thinking of all aspects of the game
    I am sure these 3 videos will help most of your followers to recover or prevent injuries.
    Personally speaking, for me they will be of Great help
    Thank you

  21. I have a shoulder injury. A physiotherapist said that it is tendinits. I did ultrasound, but its still not good. I am out since november. Please help me. I want to get back to my only life which is tennis. Thank you.

  22. Good one… I had the problem yrs ago… Luckily not since. Also found restringing made a big improvement. Using this as preventative medicine is helpful.

  23. Instructional video Ian. Thank you to you and your team.

    It has probably already been suggested: the same video series on injury treatment and prevention of the tennis shoulder could be of interest to your viewers.

    Kind regards,


  24. Pain in left shoulder – I am right handed.

  25. These stretching exercises were the exact same exercises that I was taught in rehab by my orthopedic surgeon. They are very easy to do wherever you are and I always do these exercisesjust before playing tennis.

  26. Great exercises ….the arm feels much better…you don't realize how tight the arm gets with all that tenns.

  27. Calf injuries:(

    I recently pulled my calf and it stinks!

  28. Great! This information was very useful for me as recreational player who suffers with this problem recurrently.

  29. Ian…OK

    So far things are i think getting better. Reguler streches and the light wieght rotations are really helping. im also trying not to do to much in the gym (shoulder, Chest etc. and am using a cold gel aid pad from the freezer as suggested by the phisio which i do know is keeping the pain off. What i wanted to ask is should i be doing all this with the elbow strap support on or off????
    Cheers Stan.

    • Great to hear that you're feeling better, Stan. To be honest I don't feel comfortable answering that questions for you, ask the physio!

  30. I am having trouble with my rotator cuff. iIwould love it if you could do some videos on that.
    I have been havine trouble with my shoulder for quite some time. It is very frustraying.
    I have been seeing a physiotherapist but feel like I am missing something.
    Thanks Ian and keep up the terific work.

  31. Thanks- Well and patiently explained!

  32. LAstly after doing a lot of research I switched to a more ARM friendly racket 2 years ago which is another reason my Tennis elbow is gone…

    Switched from a Wilson N1 Ncode racket to a Yonex RDIS200 HG model..this is a heavier racket
    11.7 oz And I also had a gel replacement grip put on and use an overgrip to further reduce shock
    and increase weight

  33. Further on Tennis elbow,,,,I had this problem a couple of years ago…so sore hard to lift a coffee cup etc
    1) Stopped playing indoor ball hockey
    2) after looking on the internet I started doing warm up & stretching exercises before playing
    3) started to wear the CooperCare laStrap..which is a gel pad that keeps my arm warm and reduces shock,
    After wearing the support for a while I stopped doing the excercices but continue wearing the support.
    4) also try to properly hit my 1 hand backhand using proper technique

    My elbow or forearm gets sore once is a while but very slight I feel that it has improved 95 %

  34. Have a slightly sore left hip……usually a little sore after playing 2 hours of doubles …sometimes a little sore while walking dog later in day after playing Tennis…

    I am 63 & play doubles normally 3 times/week and play mostly singles outdoors in summer..

    Can feel very slight pain at ti mes while playing but normally pain free while playing..
    I am a rec player at 3.5 with a 1 hand backhand etc

  35. Thank you Ian for these exercises which Ryan has shown. i will be doing them. I have had a tennis elbow since April 2012. I did have a cortisone injection in the elbow in August 2012. The elbow is certainly not as bad as it was initially but i know it is still there. The pain being where the tendon attaches to the elbow sort of on the elbow bone! Very tender on touching or bumping. Mercifully I have stopped bumping it too often! I am loathe to start playing tennis again, as I fear I will not be assisting in the recovery and besides anything else I do not feel like playing in pain. And other than on a tennis court I am not in pain. The backhand being the main problem for me. I look forward to seeing Videos 2 and 3 and thank you again for helping me. Diana Higgs

  36. What about a course on sore knees and another on a sore lower back?

  37. Great video!! How about some shoulder advice. Had bilateral rotator cuff injuries (not at the same time), but would be interested in any input you have on prevention and treatment.

  38. Hi Ian,

    Happy New Year and thanks for the Christmas Card. Nice looking family! Sunglasses made me jealous it was snowing here when your card arrived.

    An even bigger thanks for the tennis elbow info. I've been careful not to aggravate my tennis elbow problems again and stretching and strengthening are 2 keys to success. Ryan's expertise really cleared things up for me and I've listened several time to these videos. I'll use his stretches also going forward.

    For me I also had great success using the baseball pitcher technique of an ice bath for my elbow. It seems that after I started that along with the stretching and exercises it got better exponentially.

    I'd love to have you do a similar thing with Ryan to deal with Rotator Cuff irritation. It like my tennis elbow are being managed but I'd like to rid myself of both forever!

  39. Video 1 on tennis elbow treatment looks very effective. Looking forward for follow up videos 2 & 3.

    Would you have recommendations for treating sciatica? Its been a problem for over 4 months & is most painful after 2 hours of tennis. I've applied some stretching techniques, applied heat & cold packs in the pain originating area and have taken anti-inflamatories. Sleeping is disturbed from the associated pain.
    Taking a break from tennis or reducing playing time are considerations, but correcting the problem is what I'm hoping for. Are strengthening exercises recommended?
    thanks, Ed

  40. Achilles tendonitis (ouch!)

  41. No Question, and unfortunately Injuries are part of the Life Game of Tennis.

    Thank you so very much for addressing some of the most common and most
    painful injuries. And also offering several ideas on prevention, as well as strengthening. It is good to have ideas of how to do the (best right things) for the injury, and or options becasue one option may not be the best right thing to do for everyone who suffers from the same injury. Personally I have found Plantar Facities and bone spurs to be like Tennis Elbow had to heal completely and next to impossible to play with. A Classic catch 22 there is no immediate solution, and probably more that one Tennis Action that contributes to the injury. Thanks for your time to share your best suggestions,
    Gloria Otto
    part of the

  42. Hi Ian,
    Great videos, all around. I constantly struggle with shoulder pain, particularly aggravated when serving a lot (back to back matches) or serving hard. I'd love some advice on conditioning and prevention.

  43. I had tennis elbow when I first started playing tennis. I resolved the problem when I started using the arm instead of the wrist for pronation. I never had another occurrence though I wear a brace on my arm to remind me of the proper stroke. With the hard surface, I get plantar fasciitis problems and this was and is the hardest to heal for me. Inserts and good tennis shoes and daily stretching keeps me playing but I would like to see what stretching exercises a physical therapist recommends. Also what exercises that would prevent rotator cup injuries and strengthen the shoulder would be welcomed.

  44. Hey guys I have been battling tennis elbow for years. I've tried stretches, thera bars, stopped playing for a couple of months, used only nat gut at low tensions and prokennex rackets. Did not help. A had a pro look at my strokes – it turned out I was SQUEEZING MY RACKET ALL THE TIME. use the other hand to hold the racket like 70% of the time. It fixed it all. I am tennis elbow free. Try it Maybe it will help you !! 4.5 big hitter.

  45. I tried the tennis elbow stretches, and this helps immensely. Good video. Thank you, Ian.


  46. Would love to see stretching and strengthening exercises for the knees which would be great. I have definitely had knee problems this year and need to strengthen my knees to be able to continue to play tennis. I have put so much time and learning this year as I love the game of tennis, but now have knee problems that I need help with. Thanks for offering these videos as they have helped me learn and progress.

  47. Great vid on elbow exercises!! Thanks Ian.
    It would be great if you could do some vids on knee problems and exercises, cause a lot of guys in my club suffer from knee injuries. Thanks again!!

  48. Ian

    The tennis elbow stretch exercises are awesome! I will incorporate them into my normal 20 minute stretch routine prior to getting on the court.

    I would like to know more stretching exercises to minimize injury related to the service motion. The injuries I'm referring to are 1) shoulder pain of serving arm 2) low-back pain from serving. Any tips?

  49. I'm older and have been playing tennis for over 50 years (but not at a high level). I've had tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, rotator cuff tendonitis, and hamstring tendonitis and have had to see Orthopedic doctors and therapists for treatment during my lifetime. I've reviewed the first 2 video's look very effective — wish I would have had them in the past when I had tennis and golfers elbow. I had a tennis pro suggest using exercise bands for golfer's and tennis elbow problems and have found them very effective in strengthening my lower arm to the extent that I haven't had this problem in years(and I'm now 67).

  50. Thanks for addressing this topic! First, Is it safe to assume that these stretches will help prevent injury? Second, I also suggest addressing plantar fasciitis.

  51. Good exercises
    Are these applicable for aching in rear of upper arm joint

  52. Great video. Thank's. Rotator cuff and shoulder stretches and exersices.

  53. The three most common problems that I have seen with high school players are in order: tennis elbow, shin splints and wrist pain. Any help you could provide with these would be much appreciated.

  54. Great introduction to treating tennis elbow! My physical therapist also recommended 5 minutes of massage to the elbow area, especially with a rounded tool (eraser end of a pencil or a rigid door stop) to break up scar tissue. Will be interesting to see the strengthening exercises. And all the posters recommending finding the root cause and fixing it are right on target!
    Been there and almost done it.

  55. I'd like to see something with Glutes/ Hamstrings. This one was very good.

  56. This is simple, but excellent. I'd like to see more about low back problems! I'm constantly with pain on the left side and don't understand why and which is the proper treatment. Sometimes when I stretch the pain gets worse. Maybe this side is weaker than the other because of tennis. I don't know…
    Thank you!

  57. I think it would be wise to remind players that if they have or have had tennis elbow problems, they would be well advised to look for specific elements of their motion, usually in serving but sometimes in FH, which are causing it. The injury will linger and recur if that is not addressed.
    Thank you for bringing this information to us. It is a wonderful service!

  58. I've been advised about these wrist extensions, but it is always worth while to be reminded. How about back problems associated with errant service motion?

  59. This is awesome!!!

  60. This video was very helpful to me. I know several teammates suffering from tennis elbow and have had it myself in the past. I will try to do these exercises on a regular basis.

  61. I've been having issues with my back, gluteal, piriformis and sciatic nerve on my dominant (right) side, sharp pain to the point I can barely walk. After they subside I can do other athletic activities but they quickly flare up once I play tennis again, I've narrowed it down to serving motion, I was even being under the supervision of a pro to make sure I was doing it correctly. It probably doesn't help that when I am a little "rusty" I emphasize more the kick serve motion to allow for higher margin of error. I am at the point I am getting medical help but I would like to see this area addressed. Thanks for addressing this unfortunate but important part of the game!

  62. How about hip exercises to prevent or rehabilitate knee injuries? Thanks.

  63. Dear Ian,

    As ever, the right video at the right time! I was just wondering how to sort out my 'golfer's elbow' & then I see this. Great stuff. Thanks a lot.
    Keep 'em coming!


  64. Useful info—-thanks.
    Have recently developed what I think is plantar fasciitis——HELP, please!!

  65. Liked the stretches and am looking forward to strengthening exercises.

    Plantar Fasciatis?

  66. Hey Ian — Had a long partial tear of the common extensor last Spring that got me a couple visits to the famous Kerlan-Jobe (btw highly recommend them to anyone in SoCal-a different philosophy about sports injuries). All the exercises and strenghtening were cool (Still use them), but if there is a mechanical issue in your swing that caused the problem to begin with that needs to be adressed! Mine was taking the ball late with my weight back and using a death grip on the racket because I was in panic mode! Almost fixed!

    Also any mention of braces; good ones and how they work.

  67. Great stretches!! Thanks.

  68. Plantar faciaitis, achilles tendon stiffness and tennis calf tightness and injuries…

    • I would ditto this one — I have had all these problems on and off the last 7 years! Those taken for granted feet and lower leg issues!

  69. Good info Ian, thanks.
    I would appreciate any advice you can offer with regards to the different types of string one can use to best help them address any tennis elbow issues.

  70. Hi Ian,

    I am interested in the topic of Flow while playing tennis, i.e., when you're concentrated, the game becomes effortless, etc.

    Keep up the great work.


  71. Thanks, I hope it helps.

  72. I definitely appreciated this video as often have tennis elbow. thanks

  73. Thank you ,,, it is very helpfull ,,,any info ,to help with my tennis injury. is appreciated ,,,again thanks

  74. Piriformis syndrome & gluteous medious tendinitis

  75. Ian, thank you for covering tennis elbow treatment. I have been plagues off and on for several years by this painful ailment. I am a 4.5-5.0 senior player playing in Men's 60's Suncoast tennis leagues. Anything that can make this better would be great. I have enjoyed all of your great videos. Happy New Year!

  76. That's excellent thank you Ian and team!
    How about some knee strengthening exercises (especially relating to meniscus issues)
    that would be great to see.

  77. Hi Ian, will try these exercises.
    For an additional area of the body how about our feet. We take them for granted and are on them all day so its hard to rehab and rest them when they get injured.
    In particular plantar fasciitis.

  78. What is the trainers opinion of the use of the "flexbar" flexible rubber bar for tennis elbow exercises?

    • I'll have to ask him, Mark. I'd be really surprised if he wasn't a fan, I've seen it work for many tennis players!

  79. Hey Ian great very helpfull, i also advice my players who suffered the problem to grab newspaper and make like a ball that also helps but so far so good i never suffered.

  80. Very helpful exercises. I spend approximately 20 minutes before playing to get loose so that there is no injuries with tennis. I have found that it is much easier to prevent than treat. My age is 68.

    I would also like some similar exercises and stretching for the shoulder

    Thanks for the info.

  81. Thanks for the info to players. As a n m.d. And avid USTA tennis player and h.s. team physician, I have been using these exercises for many yrs. to treat and prevent tennis elbow in my patients. They work ! Keep up the good work in prevention information.

  82. I've been treated for 2months now for bursitis in the right thigh muscle and it helps. Yesterday walking in mall I started to feel sore and limping slightly. I'm 68 & trying to return to the game. These videos help me to pinpoint how I got my injury which showed up at the end of the outdoor season, thank you. I was playing old school tennis and out there more then my body could handle.

  83. Could you also cover knee and shoulder injuries. By the way, very good video.

    • Shoulder exercises are most likely on the way next…

  84. Hi Ian,
    I have been struggling with foot pain for quite some time. Some say it's plantar fasciitis, but the pain goes from my little toe down to my heal area on the upper part of my foot. I know the pros often have special orthotic inserts put in to their shoes. Is from over pronation or under pronation? Some people have flat feet, and some have high arches. Could any of these foot types cause such an injury? Could it be caused by wearing the wrong tennis shoe for my type of foot?

    Thanks for your help,

    • Check this link out : http://www.foothealthfacts.org/footankleinfo/tarsal-tunnel-syndrome.htm

  85. This is great. I have had some tennis elbow issues but it doesn't usually bother me when I play but rather when I do random other activity. My nagging injury right now is lower back, leading to a painful hamstring issue. Would love to see some thoughts on this.

  86. Hey Ian,

    thanks to you n Ryan for this important & brief video. Looking forward to the next episodes of strengthening. I would also be interested to see stuff relating to ankle injuries/ tendon injuries that are one of the most common besides the knee n elbow.

    Would it be possible? Just some short, crisp stuff on prevention?

    Thanks once again & Happy New Year to you, ur family & the ET team.


    • I'll see what I can do, getting a lot of requests!

  87. R/C tears and strains seem to be very common in tennis players as they get older. That would be my vote for the next series of videos. Thanks

  88. I like it. Really helps.
    I would like to see something for shoulder as well.
    Thanks a lot, Ian

  89. Hi Ian,

    A video on knee pain in tennis would be great. Especially due to the public hard courts that seem to be poured concrete and no give whatsoever. What exercises might help? And any equipment that may be helpful to take stress off knees. Nice video!

    Thank you.

  90. The closing of the fist was new to me. I enjoyed the video and found it very helpful. Thanks, David

  91. Good, useful information that I will use and share. Thank you.

  92. Hi Ian

    Just in time; I just had a pain in my elbow yesterday afternoon while I was playing and later had some massage at home, but this was just in time to heal(I hope) my elbow.THANKS

  93. Hi Ian. I hope I won't have problems with tennis elbow, but I will deffinitely start doing these exercises as a prevention. On the other hand I have problems with my knees (jumper's , runner's knee) in last couple of months, so I would be very grateful if you could make some videos regarding this type of injury. Thanks a lot.

  94. Nice videos.

    Will you have videos to help prevent shoulder and neck? Or to strengthen them to be healed?

  95. Thanks Ian, These stretches are very effective and really identify and isolate those muscles which experienced fatigue and soreness after long bouts of extended play. I look forward to to videos 2 and 3 for strengthening those specific areas. You really work to bring great content to your students/viewers. Thanks!!!

  96. As always great tips Ian. Love your videos. They helped my tennis. I'm 4-4.5 player and have suffered from tennis elbow for the last year pulling completely out of tennis for the first 7 months. Ough! The first 2 stretches are classic and I've been doing them. Really helped me. The last one is new to me. So, I'll add it to my arsenal. Also, have been working w/ small weights doing special exercise targeted to the TE injury.

    The other injuries I'd like you to address are knees (my right knee has bothered me).


    Tennis Blood

  97. Hi Ian,
    Thanks for the useful video. I myself never suffered tennis elbow yet, i believe these exercise will prevent possible tennis elbow in the future. Unfortunately, i have neck problem. Since i learned to use pronation in my serve, i got injured on my shoulder, bicept and finally those problem moved into my neck and shoulder-blade. I feel uncomfortable with neck and shoulder blade even in normal activities. When playing tennis, shoulder and bicept where i initialy got injurued get irritated.

    I believe every piece of words from this kind of expert will help me play tennis for my life.

    Noah from Manchester, UK

  98. Excellent work, Ian! Other injuries that merit treatment: hamstring pulls, groin pulls, and heel right where achilles tendon attaches. I haven't experienced that last one, but another which responsds very well to therapy and is an occasional problem for people is a rotator cuff pull or tear. Good job!

    • Thanks for the suggestions and thanks for watching!

  99. Hi Ian! Thanks for this video! What a great tip!

    I was thinking of knee injury since very often we have to bend down to hit a ball, so knee injury would be kinda common. But I have never come across any video which talks about it.


  100. How about a reacurring twisted uncle injury.


  101. Ian,
    Those stretches are just brilliant. I have been plagued with wrist and arm pain over the years and these three little exercises are the best I've ever come across for the wrist and forearm. Just doing them while watching the video I could feel pain in my right (serving) arm and after holding the stretch for 30 seconds I could feel the pain lessen. I can see that these exercises will be very effective for me. I can't wait to see the strengthening exercises.
    Many thanks and Happy New Year!

  102. About half the people (well the older ones anyway) I know at the courts I play at, say they have "torn" or at least painful rotator cuffs. So I'd like to hear about stretches and exercises to protect and recover from rotator cuff problems.

  103. I'd love to see piriformis muscle stretches and how to prevent sciatic issues

  104. IT bands please

    Thanks for thinking about the entire player

    • I have had the same type of injury and had to go to a physical therapist. He had me do stretches, and exercises with 1-2 pound weights attached to my ankle to restrengthen the piriformis muscle. During the injury, I could not squat down as my sciatic nerve would get pinched, causing severe pain.

  105. I have been suffering for a month now with tennis elbow.I was just letting it rest by not playing,putting joint pain meds on , till now.
    Tried the 1st exercise and feels better already.
    This is great.

    • Nice! Be very careful not to overdo it at first…..also, warming your arms up a bit before doing these types of stretches is best.

  106. Would love to hear about treating shoulder aches and soreness.

  107. Had experienced tennis elbow over 8 years ago when first learning to play tennis, it can be excruciatingly painful. With proper instruction about stroke timing and grip, it went away and "knock wood" has never returned. These were the same excercise recommended by my PT. Thanks for the reminder. Good to call back on for students who may be experiencing the same. Thanks Ian!!
    Could you give us sample of excercises for the shoulder-superspinatis(sp?) and the glutes maximus-peraformis? ;)

  108. Thanks a ton for the videos, Ian. Very simple, clear and extreamely useful to tennis players. Would appreciate similar videos for knee pain and tips of correct grip and racket string selections. Tnx in advance.


  110. Ian,

    I suffered through Golfer's Elbow for 18 months, and I know countless friends and associates who've endured Tennis Elbow.

    These exercises are great, as are many other treatments for the ailment. But, often, treating the ailment isn't enough. And that's where too many players, in my opinion, fail to improve. All they do is "treat" the condition, instead of understanding its many causes and identifying which is most likely the cause of theirs.

    When I first encountered GE, I did all the treatments—rest, ice, massage, stretching, strengthening. I switched to softer strings and a more flexible frame. But it wan't until 18 months later that I pinpointed the cause of my pain—it was a mechanical flaw in my serve. Wham, I was better in two weeks!

    So, while you educate ETers about how to treat TE, I hope you also encourage them to talk not just to their doctor or therapist, but also to the pro.


  111. Very helpfull. Thank you so mutch for addressing this issue. I have had this problem and tese tipos help a lot to prevent it.

  112. great idea in addressing injuries.Tennis elbow is such a common tennis ailment.

  113. Thanks Ian,
    very helpful.
    Looking forward to the strengthening exercises.
    It may also be helpful to point out to your faithful, the importance of the racquet ; i.e. the grip size, the weight itself and the stiffness of both frame and strings. With the right racquet and strings I don't have arm or wrist problems.

  114. I have been suffering from tennis elbow and plan on using the 3 exercises to stretch out those muscles. The only help thus far has been a shot in the forearm and anti-inflammatory pills. I am anxious to read the comments to see what others have done for this ailment. Thanks Ian for the video!!

    • You're welcome, Gloria. Best of luck with your recovery.

    • The benefit of stretching is limit to preventing tendon from shortening (due to scar tissue) after it is injured. Tendon is a strange tissue in the body which only gets triggered to repair and get stronger and thicker through loading it. Steroid shot and anti-inflammatory pills suppress inflammation and the pain. But the fact is inflammation and pain is the body's natural response to trigger the healing process ! So, pills and shots will result in short term pain relief and will cause the injury to prolong for years without actual healing.

  115. How about calf of the leg and tendonitis of the knee? Excellent video.

  116. Good information on a tough subject. I've begun to have issues in both elbows due to some home chores. While I've tried some of these before, I learned a new on this time and it feels like I will get some relief by adding this one. I am anxious to hear about the excercises.

    Another idea for rehab: hamstring stretches that go beyond the standard ones we all see. I have persistently tight hamstrings and have been unable to get them a good stretch without pain.

  117. Interestingly, these wrist stretches pop my shoulder which now allows my arm to move more easily.

    As an older viewer, I would appreciate knee exercises as my knees always hurt after playing. Currently I use leg extensions and leg curls with less than 25 pound weights.

  118. I got tennis elbow twice in the last 5 years. First time I got it was due to excessive fly casting practice (to achieve the feat of throwing out the whole fly line) and playing big fish on fly rod. The 2nd time I got it was due to excessive tennis drill in winter time after work in the evening when temperature was below 5 degC. The 1st time I got it, it took me more than one year 3 months to get well (doing lots of stretching and light weight exercise without increasing weight for fear of re-injury). The 2nd time I got it which was in June 2012, it took me 3 to 4 months to be able to get back into tennis. The difference in time was due to the fact that I found out the "secret" of tendon healing in my 2nd episode. The secret is actually contrary to what doctors or even physio normally recommend. Yes, resting and passive stretching does little to promote tendon healing. The truth is tendon can only be stimulated to heal and repair itself under progressive loading especially during very slow eccentric contraction. So, the truth is to get into dumbbell extensor curl as soon as possible. Start with as light as 1Kg and work through the pain with very slow eccentric and concentric movement. The low weight and very slow movement will not cause further injury (fast explosive contraction will). The pain will soon be gone and one should then move to 2 Kg and higher and higher weight as tendon becomes stronger and stronger and very soon pain will be gone forever. Deep tissue message on the tendon during the healing process is also essential to break up the scar tissue as it heals. In short, NEVER EVER rest any tendon injury or take any injection for it. Those who do that will suffer years of crippling injury.

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    Are these good exercises to do to prevent injury? I have a warm up routine that I follow that involve stretches, but what your video showed are new to me. I suggest you do a series on how to properly warm up before a practice or match and how to cool down after playing.

    Thank you
    Jim Fournell

    • That's an excellent idea, Jim. I'll probably do a dynamic warm-up video soon. Yes, these stretches would definitely help with prevention, as well as the strengthening exercises coming up next.

      • Some dynamic warm up activities would be awesome!

  121. Thanks Ian for the video,
    I have pain underneath my elbow only when I do certain movements like opening the trunk, so I'll try that palm/arm stretch. I also have right hip pain after my single tennis play each time.

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    • Yes! I cut out a bit of this video in the interest of time where Ryan describes that we'll be covering both tennis and golfers elbow areas. This video and the other two will be covering both!

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  126. Ian….your video couldn't come at a better time for me. It's been over a week that I have had discomfort in the inside of my elbow/forearm. After some research and asking around, it's what commonly known as "golfers elbow". This discomfort does not affect me on ground strokes, but it does big time on my serve. I will start the stretching exercises and hopefully the pain will go away. Thank you.

    PS: you posted: "Question – What other types of injury would you like to see videos on?".

    I would recommend a video on Achilles stretching.

  127. This is good. It's short and to the point, and when you try it you definitely notice what's stretched, and can see why it could be helpful.

    Related comments: I've got a gyro ball, that's quite good for strengthening wrist and forearm, or potentially loostening up your arm. There are DFX and DynaFlex (and other) makers. I bought mine because one of the pros mentioned theirs when they were going through their bag on the Tennis Channel. There are several models, and they're not too expensive. If you know of such things that might be of help, could you mention them or demo them at appropriate times? (if you don't like them, don't take the time). I'd be interested in whether any of the elbow or knee or ankle straps/supports are worth considering. I have several friends who warm joints before play, and ice them after play (together with stretching). This wasn't mentioned, and might be, if a good idea. Thanks, Dave

    PS: this doesn't have to apply only to physical aids, but gadgets like string tension meter/guages, etc — do they work, and are they worth purchasing, to check whether your strings are in need of replacing… Might have one video on gadgets if you think of enough, and include weighting tape, head protection tape (I like to cut a wide one in half, and put 1/2 down each side of the head. That way, the sides are also protected from clicking/cracking in doubles, and you can restring the racquet without having to replace the protection tape), potentially different ball machines or bang boards, if appropriate for club level players… Could potentially include information about types of balls, for indoors/outdoors/clay courts/hard courts…

    … or branching out, some of the soft or foam balls, for starting children and grand-children out in the sport (though that's probably a different video, if you'd even be interested in that aspect. If you are, I'd like to know whether any of the portable nets, like from "Park & Sun" or Gamma, are worth buying. I'd start by putting a net across our driveway when grandchildren are visiting, and we could play more realistically.

    Too many random thoughts. Thanks, Ian.

    • Gyro balls are awesome! I've tried them once or twice and they definitely do a good job with strengthening those areas of the forearm.

  128. Great video, as always. My question is: how common is tennis elbow among high-level players, especially the higher-level pros? We hear about Federer having back problems, Nadal having knee problems, Del Potro having a wrist problem, Sharapova with shoulder problems, and so on, but I cannot recall ever hearing about a top player having tennis elbow.

    Why is that? No one, but no one, puts more strain on their elbows than they do, right? Maybe not. Maybe they actually put less strain on the tennis-elbow muscles and tendons because their technique protects them.

    What do you think?

    • I think you're spot on about technique, Bob. Nope, I can't say that I can recall a pro player struggling with tennis or golfers elbow.

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    In the near future can you discuss the knee. Especially rehab after surgery (Mencius) or any part of that area.

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    Great video & will let you know how the stretches go. Just hopeing this starts to put an end to the very boring injury.

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    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

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    Would like to add to the request of others that a shoulder/rotator cuff stretching video would be appreciated. After I play, elbow is usually ok, but shoulder aches.

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  137. This product was recommended by another player and resolved my tennis elbow in short order: Theraband Flexbar, which comes in three different resistance strengths. I use the green bar, and after just a few sessions the pain was relieved such that now I only use it infrequently. There are videos on YouTube demonstrating the product exercises which are simple, but effective. I've recently begun to have issues with the inner arm tendonitis as I'm working to increase topsin on forehands and kick serves as pronation affects these small muscles, and although the Theraband is supposed to be good for golfer's elbow I haven't found it to be as effective as the treatment for tennis elbow, your results may vary. The third stretch in this video seems to better target these muscles so I'm going to incorporate this into my regular regimen.

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  143. I have been suffering for months with tennis elbow with which, after resting for 4 weeks – then a further 2 weeks, I have continued to play wearing a variety of wraps and straps and have finally had my first visit to a physio who has given me one stretch [ the second on your first video] and one exercise [probably to feature on your second : ) ] to do for a week before my next appointment.

    It will be interesting to compare notes along the way!

    Thanks for putting this out, I have been looking for ages for some good advice online…. wish I had seen yours sooner!

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  145. Excellent and for me, timely video, Ian! I've been resting from tennis for past three months trying to get past "Golfer's Elbow" (pain at the tip, right?). Funny thing, after I stopped playing, I noticed pain in my shoulder that I hadn't noticed before and started thinking about the kinetic chain. Also, I believe it is all related to my efforts to learn the "modern game" (brushing up on my groundies) and a kick serve, bringing more spin and control into my arsenal. So, I'd love to see stretching and strengthening videos for the shoulder,the core and the legs (it's the kinetic chain, right?), and my New Year's resolutions will include signing up for your serve lessons! Kudos and keep up the great work!

    • I'm sorry to hear about your injury troubles, James. Hopefully these videos will be a big help to you. Thanks very much for the suggestions.

  146. Yes, a good reminder that, having suffered from this and having sought professional advice (and now ok, no strapping) that I should be "warming down" my elbow, wrist and arm as well as my legs and hips!
    Thanks. I've passed this on to a tennis chum who is suffering!

    • Absolutely, mobility work both before and after playing is super important!

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    • Absolutely, as we all get older injury prevention is key!

  149. Brief and useful video, thanks. I've had this dreaded tendonitus for somewhere between 6 and 8 years now, and I've never completely got rid of it. I've had spells of 6 months and 3 months without picking up a racket, so understand the frustration of not being able to play, very well – as well as the frustration of not being able to play very well.
    I've seen physios, done some electrolysis stuff (seemed to be useless), sore-making massage (after weeks I suddenly had a breakthrough, so it can work), and stretching, etc. I'm back playing, always with a brace and always with some pain (but not chronic at present, touching wood) – that I 'manage'. I don't do the stretches (like these in the video) enough, so I'd better make that a daily 10 minutes to add to my new year resolutions. I do some strengthening exercises fairly regularly, but I'll be very interested what you show in vids 2 & 3: I'm sure they'll be most useful.
    Sorry to go on at length: my first post. Keep up the good work on the site, vids and pods.

    • It sounds like you've had a very challenging run, sorry to hear that! Hopefully these videos that I'm putting out will be helpful, but it sounds like you're getting a lot of personal attention already (which is always best). Best of luck to you!

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    • I remember those days very clearly, Bernard. A full day on court is definitely hard on the body. Is it possible to raise up the basket a bit more so that you don't have to bent over? I think that would probably be best along with some stretching and strengthening for your lower back. Maybe I'll have some videos out soon about that area.

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    • It would be best to go through some dynamic stretches first before doing a few static stretches like this. Get things moving around before pulling on one specific area. Good question!

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    • Really sorry to hear that, Apedog. It's not always necessary to drop tennis completely to let things like this heal, but to be honest sometimes it's the best thing to do. If what you're experiencing is just a minor annoyance, something that you notice once in a while then simply doing the exercises that Ryan demonstrates will probably be enough. However, if you're in a significant amount of pain while playing, and that pain carries over to other every day activities, something that is bothering you 24/7, then it might be best to lay low for a few weeks and allow it to rest and recover. Seeing a trainer or doctor is always best!

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    • Sorry to hear that, hopefully this series of videos is really helpful though. I'm definitely seeing a pattern of shoulder requests, so that's pretty likely in the future.

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  170. Excellent demo. Thank you. I had tennis elbow a number of years ago and it took forever to go away. I ended up using an aircast product which helped, but most of problem was caused by bad form on my one handed backhand. So I fixed that and was wearing the aircast brace for moths after the pain went away. But these stretches are great ones. As to other injuries, and physical therapy stretches that can help either prevent or rehab, specificaly for the shoulder – rotator cuff, bursa, and biceps injuries that affect the shoulder. I am having that issue right now and ever since that last kick serve to the add side – I haven't played – now going on 14 weeks. I am in PT and it's helping.

    • Glad you're over the tennis elbow, but sorry to hear about the shoulder issue. Injuries can be so incredibly frustrating. Kudos to you for heading over to PT, it's always best to get professional attention for physical issues like that. Thanks for the input!

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