Ready to take your doubles game to the next level??

Today we’re going to focus on the top three things doubles players completely ignore, leaving their results way lower than they should be.

You’ll also get to see us teaching those things in real time and have the opportunity to learn them from us in person (more on that in a bit)

For now, let’s dive right into the 3 Keys…

Key 1: PROactive Footwork

Please believe me when I say this, because over and over it’s proven true when we work with tennis players in person:

Almost nobody actually uses a split step.

Being a great doubles player is all about tracking the action during points, anticipating what’s coming next, and then showing up in exactly the right place at exactly the right time…

…and that just won’t happen if you’re standing flat footed, waiting for the ball to be hit by your opponents before you actually MOVE and do something with your position.

That’s exactly what the split step is designed to do: activate your body and trigger your mind that you want this next ball BEFORE its actually hit on the other side of the court.

Get a sneak peak of how we explain and teach the split step in this behind the scenes video of our most recent Doubles Masterclass – Click Here!

Key 2: Percentage Positioning

A principle we come back to in our doubles coaching frequently is this: it doesn’t matter how hard you try or how fast you and your part are, you CAN’T cover the whole court at once.

The doubles court is 1,400 square feet of space….per side! Something is always going to be open for your opponents to try and hit.

Great doubles players understand this and they instinctively cover the easiest, highest percentage parts of the court first, leaving the more difficult, lower percentage parts of the court open, almost daring the other team to try and hit them.

The result: easier shots for you and more difficult shots for opponents!

This is as opposed to the court coverage strategy 90% of doubles teams use: “you cover your side and I’ll cover my side”.

When that’s your attitude, and you plant yourself right square in the middle of YOUR side of the court, big, easy openings emerge for your opponents as the ball travels back and forth.

You’ll hear me address that problem and briefly talk about the solution in this video: Click Here!

Key 3: Developing Touch

Another big principle we come back to frequently in our Doubles Masterclass clinics is “the best shot is frequently a soft shot”.

In other words: harder is NOT always better. In fact, hitting lots of doubles shots with firmness or aggressiveness will play exactly into the hands of your opponents by giving them a high shot instead of a low one.

You’ve probably heard it said that you want to hit down towards your opponents and make them hit up, right?

That’s great….but what happens when your opponents give you a low ball first??

It’s physically impossible to avoid the net AND have the ball drop down to the feet your opponents when you “punch” all your volleys.

Instead, soft touch is frequently required, so we work hard with our students to show them how to develop it: Click Here!

Personal Coaching

The video of us showing our students how to accomplish those 3 Keys was shot here in Milwaukee back in May. We had an INCREDIBLE two days with them, much of which was due to the three coach to four student ratio which allowed for massive amounts of personal attention.

Unfortunately we only have ONE open spot for our Doubles Masterclasses the rest of 2019. We’d love have to have you join us ­čÖé

Full details and registration info are here on this page: Click Here!

We also just confirmed our 2020 Doubles Masterclass dates if you’d like to set something up for the future, because as we get closer these always fill up quickly:

February 20th and 21st
June 11th and 12th
October 8th and 9th

If you take your doubles play and improvement seriously there’s no better coaching on the planet than this.

The ratios are insane and the focus of all our students is always through the roof which leads to an incredible learning environment.

To grab a spot in any of our 2020 Masterclasses simply reply directly to this email and I’ll send you a link.

Thanks for reading and have an amazing day.