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I lost to my daughter…

Quick story for you to illustrate a critical tennis improvement principle... The other night after dinner my 9 year old daughter challenged me to a game of "Connect Four". In case you aren't familiar it's a classic game of trying to string together 4 checkers of the same color (red or yellow) in a vertical

3 Keys to Mastering Doubles!

Ready to take your doubles game to the next level?? Today we're going to focus on the top three things doubles players completely ignore, leaving their results way lower than they should be. You'll also get to see us teaching those things in real time and have the opportunity to learn them from us in

Keys to Masterful Movement (Part 3 of 3)

There are few elements in tennis that are more black and white than today's focus... It's 100% universal. High level players (anybody north of 4.5 NTRP) always use it. Low and intermediate players almost never do. It takes very little effort to execute, but the payoff is huge: much quicker response to opponent's shots, more

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