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Keys to Masterful Movement (Part 3 of 3)

There are few elements in tennis that are more black and white than today's focus... It's 100% universal. High level players (anybody north of 4.5 NTRP) always use it. Low and intermediate players almost never do. It takes very little effort to execute, but the payoff is huge: much quicker response to opponent's shots, more

Learning from Pushers

Everyone seems to hate playing pushers and today we will be discussing what we can learn from pushers. I want to begin with a quote from a very good friend and longtime doubles partner, Mark: “There’s another name for pushers; Winners.” The reason people hate playing pushers is because they have a knack for winning. 

Should I Quit Tennis?

Our question for discussion today comes from Fabrice who asks: “I had myself a moment of discouragement yesterday, when I got out of a practice session.  Even though I have seen some clear progress, I am still not consistent--hence not confident in certain shots.  I feel like I hear over and over the same advice,