How to Return EVERY Serve Type (tennis lesson)

Everyone says the serve is the MOST important shot in tennis – and if that's true, then return of serve is certainly the second most important shot! Knowing how to respond correctly in defensive, neutral and offensive situations will help you stay in more points, break more serves and win

3 Return of Serve Techniques

In today's video lesson I'm going to show you three different techniques to use in different situations for the return of serve. It's vital to your success on the court that you adjust your swing size and focus depending on what phase of play that your opponent is putting you in: defensive, neutral

How To Defeat Kick Serve & Volley Players

Want an unstoppable serve? - Click Here! Get huge serve power and spin - Click Here! Facing a high kick serve from a player who likes to serve and volley can be very tricky and uncomfortable. There are 3 different ways that you can approach this scenario... Here's the one that will give you the

How to Return HARD Serves

  Tired of getting DOMINATED by hard serves? Here at the TOP 3 KEYS to handling them successfully and keeping yourself in the point. Discover the secrets to MAXIMUM racquet head speed for monster serves that DESTROY your competition - Click Here!

Return of Serve Footwork

The return of serve is a vital shot to your success in either singles or doubles and yet MOST club players are missing a crucial part of their preparation for the swing. Today's video will show you two different ways to get ready for your opponent to hit his or her serve. Questions?

The Best Serve Return Grip

Being slow to ready your backhand can destroy your return of serve game! Here is the best grip to use, and how to get there fast. Hit the most ACCURATE groundstrokes of your life with this coaching series - Click Here! Comments? Questions? Leave them down below. Thanks for watching!

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