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Passing Shot SUCCESS

  Ever have the PERFECT passing shot opportunity open up, only to BLOW IT with an unforced error? Here's how to capitalize on them safely and still win the point... Discover the secrets to MAXIMUM racquet head speed for monster serves that DESTROY your competition - Click Here!

How To Control Groundstroke Depth

Deep groundstrokes are a valuable weapon to have in your arsenal whether you're a singles or a doubles player. Unfortunately most players don't know how to control the depth of their forehand and backhand. Not reliably anyway. That's because they're more concerned with hitting the ball harder instead of changing the simple variable that I talk about in this lesson.

How Deep Should You Aim Groundstrokes?

Hitting deep groundstrokes plays a key part in keeping your opponent pinned back and in a defensive position. But how deep should you aim? Too deep, and you risk hitting out; too shallow, and you lose the advantage. Here's a quick video that will help, along with a drill to improve your consistency!

Art of the Backspin Lob

Having a great defensive lob is crucial to your success on the court - especially if you play mostly doubles! In this video lesson I'll show you the three most important things to have in place for an awesome backspin lob: 1. Correct racquet face angle 2. A long, smooth lift of the

Groundstroke Accuracy Drill

In today's lesson you'll learn one of my all time favorite ways to improve forehand or backhand consistency and accuracy. The key is in not only having a target area and specific "perfect" target but also in challenging yourself to hit each target X number of times - both a total and in

How to Hit Inside Out

Hitting a shot that travels "inside out", or any direction for that matter, is really quite simple. It's all about timing your swing correctly so that your strings are facing the direction that you want the ball to go! Most tennis technique issues have simple solutions and this is one of those areas

Jammed Groundstroke Solution

Do you get too close to the ball on your forehand or backhand groundstroke over and over again? If so today's video tennis lesson is for you! In my experience teaching passionate tennis players many chronic problems can be fixed by simply learning what it feels like to do the opposite of what the