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Low Short Ball Success

It's easy to misread your opponent and find yourself scrambling to reach a low, short ball... And just as easy to blow the shot when you get there! Here's how to avoid this and stay in more points. Learn to place your groundstrokes ON A DIME with this coaching - Click Here! Comments?

How to Stay Calm at the Net

Failing to put away 'easy' shots at the net can destroy your confidence and turn you into a nervous wreck... Here is how to stay calm and put volleys away with ease! Become a MASTER at the net! - Click Here! Comments? Questions? Leave them down below. Thanks for watching!  

Stop Missing Easy Volleys!

A high, floating ball at the net can be one of the most devastating shots in tennis to screw up... So naturally it can come with a lot of pressure. Here's how to stop netting easy volleys and put them away with confidence! Master the Volley for a HUGE advantage over your opponents!

Ian vs Ira – ‘Ultimate Touch Game’

Learn how to anticipate your opponent's every move so you can win more matches – Click Here! Develop your psychic powers so you can know exactly what your opponents will do next - Click Here! Ladies and gentlemen, it's the moment you've been waiting for... Ira and I face off in one of my favorite

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