How to hit INCREDIBLE topspin!

The toughest part about playing consistent players, is how to combat the fact they won't miss! So you need to play just a consistent, and safe, but with more power. So how can you be consistent but have power and be offensive? TOPSPIN!

How to break your WORST habits!

The biggest thing holding your tennis game back isn't your racquet, your age, or your fashion decisions – it's deeply engrained habits that won't go away by simply learning the correct way to do things. Here's how to dismantle and retrain them so you can achieve the level of tennis

How to AIM your tennis shots!

Do you actually know how to aim your tennis shots? What is happening with the racquet and the ball? Most tennis players get so frustrated when they miss a shot out wide or long by a few inches, but it comes down to thousandths of a second! Do you how

Therapy with Play Your Court

On day 3 of the Essential Tennis book tour, Ian and Joel visit our friends over at for a fun filled interview, lessons and matchplay! However, before they can get to the serious tennis videos of the day, Ian and Joel take some time enjoying what Virginia Beach has

How to get a POWERFUL forehand!

A forehand is one of the most used strokes in tennis, so it makes sense to have a powerful one. But how do you achieve that? Most people believe it comes from the racquet, so they use their arms, but that is not the correct way to think about it.

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