How to get POWER on your Overhead!

Many tennis players tend to "dink" their overheads back into the court. The reason they aren't able to produce a strong overhead, or be confident in their swing, is because they do not have the right positioning on their set up. Check out this special lesson to learn the proper

STOP hitting Your Forehand Like This!

Many students come to us to learn better tennis techniques, but rarely do we tell a student we are completely getting rid of their forehand! This student had such a unique situation where they would tend to use a variety of three different forehands. For the most part, 2 were

How to CONTROL your Volleys

We all know that feeling – when your opponent puts up a high, floating short ball and you move in ready to put away the easy volley, only to spray it way out or dump it into the net... and all of a sudden the momentum shifts. You can avoid

How to hit a TOPSPIN Serve

There are few things more elusive to tennis players than the topspin serve, which explains why SO many players are stuck with a slow, attackable second serve instead of a confident, aggressive one that dips into the box with tons of margin over the net. Here are the steps you

How to MASTER the backhand slice…

Our recent student Mario was getting caught in the trap of trying to muscle his slice instead of letting gravity and his body do the work, turning an otherwise versatile utility shot into an inconsistent liability. Here's how to create a slice that works how you need it, when you

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