How to have the BEST Hands in tennis!

Many tennis players struggle with volley's and other touch shots because they don't have good control over their racquet and a good connection with their hands. Here are a few easy drills to practice so you can have expert hands the next time you're on the court!

A match with MEP in Atlanta…

On the first stop of their book tour, Ian and co-author Joel Chasnoff touch down in Atlanta to see some familiar faces and put an old rival to the test... Special thanks to @TennisTroll Channel and crew for graciously hosting us in Atlanta! Match play coming soon – subscribe to

Why You’re NOT Improving!

Do you struggle improving your strokes? Tennis improvement is extremely difficult, especially when most tennis players believe they are doing something one way, but it's actually very different from what they are actually doing. This is called the "feel vs real" paradigm. The only way to solve this is to

How to add 20MPH to Your Serve!

The Serve is the most important shot in tennis, so having good technique is very beneficial. There are many different serve strategies in tennis, wether you want spin, kick, or power, but it is good to know how to achieve all three. Adding POWER to your serve can be a

Hitting with an online tennis LEGEND

For the second time in my life, I get the opportunity to hit on a grass court – and this time it's across the net from a legend. Any guess who this guy might be? On thing's for sure, he has a nasty drop shot...

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