Joel was a BAD boy (the final stop)

After a week of not stop travel and collaborations, Ian and Joel finally reach the door of their final stop in sunny California. Everything goes according to plan until a strange piece of gear catches Joel’s eye and he can’t resist taking it for a spin right there in the

DOMINATE the Return of Serve!

The Serve is highly considered the most important shot in a game of tennis as it starts every that makes the return of serve the second most important shot! Yet, many tennis players don't practice this and continue to struggle with it during match play. These simple drills will

STOP swinging so fast!

The harder you swing, the better the shot right? Well, not exactly. Most players don't understand the connection and control it takes to have good swing speed and manage your strokes. You have to be able to swing at 20% as well as 95% These drills will help you have

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