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How to Hit BETTER Overheads (tennis lesson)

Pssst! Watching videos isn't enough - so we made this free step-by-step overhead action plan for you to bring to the court: http://www.overheadactionplan.com/ Keep getting lobbed, over and over again? Don't complain about it, get better at hitting overheads! Work this lesson into your game, and you'll be DARING your

How to SPIN your Serve (swing path solution)

Ready to get started? Grab your free step-by-step serve action plan to walk you through your next practice session: http://www.serveactionplan.com/ Here's some hard truth: many low level players will never learn how to put a meaningful amount of spin on their serve, and will spend their ENTIRE tennis career gently

How to hit ACCURATE volleys (tennis lesson)

Ok, so maybe your volleys aren't as good as they could be... What's next? Grab our free step-by-step action plan to give you the accuracy your net game needs: http://www.volleyactionplan.com Think your volleys are accurate enough? There's a specific challenge we put our students though to find out. Here's how