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Dealing With Pushers

What’s the best way to deal with a player who gives you shot after shot with no pace in the middle of the court?

Pushers are a really frustrating style of opponent to play for […]

  • Mental Match Preparation1

Mental Match Preparation

What’s the best way to prepare mentally for a big match?

Should you get yourself hyped up? Calm yourself down? Listen to music?

What should your mental approach be?

That’s the question I answer in […]

  • Perfect-Tennis-Warmup-Routine-PREVIEW

Perfect Tennis Warmup Routine

Ensuring that your muscles have been stretched and loosened up before play is crucial to avoiding injury and performing your best!

If you don’t have a warmup routine already, you need one.

Here is my favorite routine […]

  • Dont-Punch-Your-Volleys-PREVIEW

Don’t Punch Your Volleys!

You’ve probably heard that you should “punch” your volleys…

And it’s one of my biggest pet peeves because I don’t agree!

In this video I’ll show you how to approach different volleys with the right touch, […]

  • Tall-=-Great-Serves--PREVIEW

Does Being Tall = Great Serves?

Odds are you wish that you were taller so you could really have a killer serve.

But how much of a difference does height really make?

In this video I’ll show you why it’s not as […]

  • Which-Is-The-Best-Footwork-Pattern--PREVIEW

Which Is The Best Footwork Pattern?

Many teaching pros are die-hard supporters of a specific footwork pattern, but which one is best?

Step in… Step across… Open stance?

In this video I’ll show you which one to use — and more importantly […]

  • How-To-Control-Groundstroke-Depth-Preview

How To Control Groundstroke Depth

Deep groundstrokes are a valuable weapon to have in your arsenal…

But only if you can pull them off with some level of consistency!

Here is my favorite drill for improving deep groundstroke consistency that you […]

  • How-Deep-Should-You-Aim--PREVIEW

How Deep Should You Aim Groundstrokes?

Hitting deep groundstrokes plays a key part in keeping your opponent pinned back and in a defensive position.

But how deep should you aim? Too deep, and you risk hitting out; too shallow, and you lose […]

  • How-To-Hit-a-Tweener-Preview

How To Hit A Tweener!

We’ve all seen the pros hit a tweener, and anyone who has attempted to knows it’s more difficult than it looks.

While it’s hardly an essential technique, it’s a lot of fun and every bit as […]

  • 11030733_10101483023905390_2012097682_o

Toss Locations For Different Serves

Players are constantly asking me how they should change their toss location based on what type of serve they hit.

There’s no doubt about it – whether you’re hitting flat, slice or kick absolutely makes a […]

  • Creating Drive with a Western Grip PREVIEW

Creating Drive with an Extreme Grip

Do you struggle hitting drive with a western or semi-western grip on your forehand side?

Creating a strong, penetrating shot with a western grip IS possible, but you must first understand the different forces at play.

The […]

  • Ultimate Power DrillYT

Ultimate Groundstroke Power Drill

The vast majority of tennis players simply don’t get the as much out of their groundstrokes as they put into them.

Why? They don’t use their body effectively or efficiently.

Today’s video tennis lesson is going to […]

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