Staying Relaxed

ASK ET: Relaxed Power (and Control)?

It's pretty well known that tension is bad, and robs your swings of power... but once you're able to relax and let 'er rip, how do you keep control of the ball? Megan's got the answer in today's Ask ET... Ready to maximize your forehand power, spin, and accuracy?? Register

Tennis Tip: Controlling Your Nerves

No matter who you are, what your level is, or how long you’ve been playing...everyone gets nervous. Because of this, we must learn to embrace our nerves and anxiety. Too often, when we get nervous we think of ourselves as bad competitors - or worse, as unworthy of winning. However,

No Strings Power Drill

Hit the most ACCURATE groundstrokes of your life with this coaching series - Click Here!   Learn how to place your forehands and backhands on a dime with these videos - Click Here! In trying to create more power on their forehand or backhand most tennis players make the big mistake of try too hard.

Power, Spin, and Accuracy Secret

  The concept and drill I have to share with you in today's lesson is absolutely vital to your success as a tennis player. If you can understand and correctly impliment what I'm teaching today then it will mean more power, spin and accuracy on your forehand, backhand and serve. No fooling! Hit

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